Quilled Heart Art

Hi, I’m Kunali and I believe that love is a feeling that is expressed throughout the year. Show your near and dear ones your love and appreciation through this lovely and multi-faceted craft which I’ve shown below. 

So, let’s start making a cute quilled and line art heart. 

To begin with, I have used multiple versions of red and pink card stock. I have cut them in 10 mm wide strips. 

Next, I’ve taken an 8 inch long strip and folded it in half. Then, curve the ends as shown and stick the tips together to form a heart. 

Now, take 2 strips of red coloured 10 mm quilling strips and cut them in half. Roll them as shown to make 4 rolls and shape them into tear drop shapes. Once they are shaped as shown below, keep them aside. 

Now, cut different length strips of the various card stock strips we cut earlier. The strips measure anywhere between 5 mm and 20 mm. 

Stick them within the heart as shown below. Dip them in glue on both the sides and stick them. Form a geometrical shape within the heart and continue till the entire heart is filled. 

Now, we’ll apply glue to the tear drops and stick them on either side of a strip to make a cute quilled heart within the big heart. 

And, voila, our any-reason, any-season heart is ready. You can use different colours, make it multi-coloured to match your mood. 

This cute heart can be used as a standalone piece on your mantle or showcase. Make a couple of these in different sizes and stick them on a greeting card. You could hang these by twine and use them in your car as mirror accessories. Stick them on your walls during a birthday or anniversary and add some verve to your room. You could stick a magnet behind this and use it as a fridge magnet. You could also make tiny versions of this in different colours and shapes and use them as earrings or pendants. There are multiple options on how you could use this awesome idea! 

I have used the below materials to make this craft. They are all listed below. 

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Different Card stocks







Quilling Strip 


Itsy Bitsy Quilling Tool – With Wooden Handle


PVA Glue 


Cutting Mat and Cutter Set – A4 Size



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