Quilled Diwali Greeting Card

Hi, I’m Kunali and today I’m showing you how to make a beautiful, quick and unique Diwali Card. This style can also be used to make greeting cards for various other occasions. Dangle only florals to say Happy Birthday, or Snowflakes and ornaments saying Merry Christmas. Hearts and red roses would work wonderfully for Valentine’s or just simple quilled accents for thanking someone or offering seasons greetings! Do give this a try and make someone’s day! 

Since this is a Diwali themed greeting card, we’ll start with making a simple Diya and Marigold.

Make the accents as shown below. Use multiple colours for the marigold and Diya bottom. It’ll make the card even more colourful. 

Once, that’s done, cut out a card from a red cardstock. This one I’ve cut measures 15 cm x 10 cm. 

Using 5 mm yellow strips, I’ve stuck it and made it a little more stiff. Thereafter, I’ve made alphabets from it spelling out HAPPY DIWALI. 

Allow them to dry. In the meanwhile, mark the Diya and Flower outline on the back of the card. Cut around it leaving a little more space so the Diya and Flower can dangle in between. 

Once that’s done, attach crochet strings to the back of the flower and Diya. Stick them as shown above. 

They should dangle beautifully and we should be able to see only a bit of the thread from front. 

Now, stick the HAPPY DIWALI as shown on the card and leave it to dry. 

Et voila, your beautiful and unique greeting card is ready. Do give this a try and share pictures 🙂 

All the supplies I’ve used are available on the Itsy Bitsy Website and the links to that are mentioned below. 

Also, you’ll get an extra 5% off if you use the Coupon Code – KUNALI5

For the marigold flowers 

Little Birdie Quilling Strips – Sunshine Love, 3mm, 50 Strips


Little Birdie Premium Quilling Extra Long – Lemon, 3mm, 50 Strips


Itsy Bitsy Pearl Beads 3mm,20gm – Plastic, Cream


For the Diya 

Little Birdie Quilling Strips – Beery Basket, 5mm, 50Strips


Itsy Bitsy Quilling Strips – Gold Edge 5 mm


Crochet Thread 20 gm Ball- Cream


For the alphabets

Little Birdie Premium Quilling Extra Long – Lemon, 5mm, 50 Strips


Little Birdie Card Stock – Maroon, 31inch X 21inch, 220gsm


Little Birdie Extra PVA Glue 


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