Quick Watercolour Project Ideas with Itsy Bitsy supplies in India

Playing with watercolours is so much fun and with a bit of understanding on how to control the colours, you can truly create some amazing pieces of work. With watercolour being everywhere today, from clothes to tattoos to tote bags, it is turning into a popularly loved artform and it’s no different with us at Itsy Bitsy.

We are so obsessed with watercolours & could not stop ourselves from launching a huge range of watercolour paper embellishments, panels, flowers and canvases. Our exciting range has something for everyone, from kids to mixed media enthusiasts to professional watercolour artists.

All the products in this collection are handmade with 100% cold pressed, cotton paper. The paper has a fine grainy texture that can easily hold heavy washes, perfect for loose florals, galaxy painting and a whole lot more. Check out the complete range now – https://www.itsybitsy.in/categories/art-supplies-watercolour-range/cid-CU00379970.aspx

We’re sure you are tempted to create something now. Keep reading to find quick inspiration for adding watercolour trend to your projects:

  • Home Décor Wall Hanging/ Table Frame – We painted tons of watercolour paper flowers using wet-on-wet technique and put them inside a wooden shadow box to make a home décor wall hanging. You can also use it as a table top frame.

  • Personalized Gift Tags – Add a personal touch to gifts and cards with watercolour paper tags. Using the ‘building up colour’ technique of watercolour, we created seamless ombre effect. You can simply write messages with coloured pens or doodle them as well.

These were some quick watercolour project ideas, easy enough for every skill level. Head over to our Instagram page for more watercolour project inspiration – https://www.instagram.com/itsybitsycraftstore/

We also have watercolour paper packs in different sizes in 220gsm and 440gsm, that are ideal for sketching, oil painting and watercolour. If you are a mixed media artist, you will love our watercolour art panels. Also, don’t miss out on the beautiful watercolour paper frames, watercolour paper mini panels and watercolour paper words.

Try these with our huge variety of watercolour paints and paint sets.

Now, before you get lost in the world of watercolour, remember we’d love to see your creations. Post them on Facebook and Instagram with the #madewithitsybitsy and tag us!


Love and Glitter,

Itsy Bitsy


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