Quick project ideas with Little Birdie’s Pearl Drops

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to talk about a very interesting product that Little Birdie recently launched – 3D Pearl Drops. We created this product with two things in mind – something everyone can play with all day & something they can completely fall in love with.

One can add a dash of colour along with a three-dimensional effect to almost any project – cards, scrapbook layouts, mixed media or school craft projects. They are available in 20 yummy colours, covering a wide range of hues. Whether you choose to write, stencil, create 3D embellishments, make drops or do free flow art, you’ll see how fun it is to work with them.

They are extra special because they are available at an unbeatable price and offer a lot of value for money. One bottle of 30ml goes a long way. Check out the complete range here.

More about Pearl Drops

  • Precision nozzle for making 3D drops
  • Quick drying
  • The drops retain their shapes
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Use Pearl Drops on a non-stick sheet and remove after drying. Store for later use
  • Water resistant after drying

Now let’s go over three fun projects that you can try out with Little Birdie’s 3D pearl drops –

  • Colour-pop Layouts: Make your scrapbook layouts, journal pages as colourful as you wish with our pearl drops. You can easily create dots, hearts or stars of different shapes & sizes on paper or cardboard.

  • Jewelled cards: There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating cards with pearl drops. Embellish old and new ones with jewel-like drops, make borders, seamless polka dots and a whole lot more.

  • Abstract Art: Liven up any painting or piece of art with a touch of pearl drops.

These are just few of the creative ways to work with. Keep exploring and keep creating.

We’d love to see your creations. Post them on Facebook and Instagram with the #madewithitsybitsy and tag us! Stay tuned for more.



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