Pumpkin Candle

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It’s October, the season of pumpkins! That’s right, it’s Halloween and you will see pumpkin everywhere in home decor and greeting cards. That is why today I want to share with you a very creative way to make your own pumpkin candle with DIY mould to bring that fall vibes in your home too. Follow along to learn the step-by-step process.

Things that you need for DIY mould

  1. An old sock
  2. Sand
  3. Modelling clay
  4. Rubber bands
  5. Steel bowl

Things that you need for candle making

  1. Paraffin wax approx. 8 cups
  2. Red paraffin wax chunks (optional)
  3. Stearin
  4. Orange wax dye
  5. Fragrance oil
  6. Wick
  7. Double boiler
  8. Pouring Pitcher
  9. Wooden skewers and cloth pin
  10. Wet tissue

Steps to Prepare the Mould

Step 1: Fill the sock with sand

Step 2: Give it the shape of pumpkin with the help of rubber bands.

Step 3: Cover the half of sock pumpkin with modelling clay thick layer to get the same shape of pumpkin on clay.

Step 4: Remove the sock pumpkin from clay carefully and you will get half pumpkin mould ready with you. Now place it in a steel bowl so it should not get deform. If you have plenty of clay you can make one more half mould at the same time.

Steps to Make Pumpkin Candle

Step 1: Melting Wax, Adding Colour & Fragrance

Measure paraffin wax in the amount of 4 bowls in which you set your mould. Add one table spoon orange dye as we need a bright colour candle. Add stearin in the ratio of 1:10. Melt the wax on double boiler. Remove the melted wax from double boiler. Test the colour of your wax dipping a strip of parchment paper. If require add more dye. I added red wax chunks to make the orange darker, as I was using neon orange dye. Add the fragrance of your choice. Mix everything well

Step 2: Pouring the Wax

Pour the wax in the clay mould and leave it to harden completely for 2 hours. If you have taken 2 halves pour the both at same time.

Step 3: Unmoulding

Once the wax is hardened remove the clay mould from bowl and then demould the half candle carefully from clay. Clean the remains of clay from the candle wiping it with wet tissue softly. Clay mould will be de-shaped a bit so if you are planning to repour another half you need to repeat the shaping of mould again by putting it on sand sock.

Step 4: Remoulding & Setting of Wick

Now place the 2 halves in the bowl in standing position on the clay layer to form a proper circular pumpkin shape as shown in the image. Press the clay firmly on the 2 halves to seal the edges properly. It will avoid any leakage while pouring wax. Install the wick in the centre. wick should be almost double size of your expected pumpkin size.

Step 5: Repouring Wax

Reheat the remaining wax and pour slowly while keeping an eye for any leakage. Mine started to leak from one place. I immediately stopped pouring and secured the hole with extra clay and removed the leaked wax later.


Secure the wick in the centre at top with the help of cloth peg.

Step 6: Unmoulding

Once it hardened nicely remove all he clay from candle and clean it again with wet tissue. Don’t worry if all the ribs of pumpkin aren’t of same size after all it’s a pumpkin.

Step 7: Carving

Carve the candle at bottom if all 3 parts are not of same size and flat at bottom. Carve any excess of wax on the pumpkin ribs as well. Repour the wax to make the top flat and then carve the ribs design on top as well. If any of the 3 parts slips out get separated use modpodge to stick all part together back.

After all carving it will look like this having lots of layering visible.

Step 8: Final Touches

To give the candle a smooth top layer you need to do one last step. Melt the same amount of wax and add all the scrapped out wax as well in it. Add orange dye, test the colour of melted wax. Take another pot if your pouring pitcher does not have enough wide mouth to dip the pumpkin candle in as mine.

Be wise in choosing your pot for the wax to leave it empty more than half to avoid any spilling of wax while dipping candle. But at the same time the pot should be tall enough to get the candle dipped completely.

Now dip your pumpkin candle in melted wax and take out quickly. Wait for few seconds to let the wax layer cool down. Repeat the dipping and cooling process 2 times more to get a smooth finish.

Trim the wick to 1/4 of an inch in length. And yeah! the pumpkin shaped candle is ready. Have a look on the final candle.

The whole process was bit time taking and messy but believe me it worth your time and efforts to get the lovely result. I simply loved this candle hope you also liked it. Guess what did i do with the remaining melted orange wax after dipping the pumpkin candle. I poured 2 jar candles and embellished them with cinnamon sticks and maple leaves to accompany pumpkin candle to create perfect fall decor at home.

Do give it a try to make any of these candles. I will be back with more creative candle ideas. Till then keep crafting. Hugs, Priyanka.

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