Puja Thali Decoration with Archival Multi-surface Paints

Hello creative friends, DT member Chitrali here today with a beautiful  puja thali  and wall decor plate using Little Birdie archival multi-surface paints.
First of all I want to say that Little Birdie multi-surface paints are really amazing. I love  these paints. They are water based, non toxic, and give a satin finish with great coverage. The multi-surface paints are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage and can be used on various surfaces including paper, wood, clay, glass, metal, plastic, terracotta, ceramic etc.

In most Hindu religious occasions, festivals, traditions, the Puja thali plays a very important and auspicious role. So, I thought of making a Puja thali  at this festive time.

Before going through the step by step picture tutorial, just have a look at my finished projects.


Let start….

Here I made two projects, so  I used two thalis. One of them is a steel thali and the other melamine.

1) Took a new steel thali.

2) Made some patterns  on steel thali with the help of a black marker.

3) Now comes the coloring part. For coloring, I used archival  multi-surface paints – Dandelion,  Cool spa,  Rose Splash.

I filled the centre and some other areas with  Dandelion  with the help of  a sponge dauber. In some parts I wanted to color add orangish yellow, so I added multi-surface paint -Dandelion with orange acrylic color to get the desired shade.

Next, I made some circles and petals and used the shade Cool Spa to paint them.

Made some circles with  Rose splash. Now my background is ready.

I used various brush sizes and multi-surface paint shades with white and black to create traditional patterns.  Please go through the pictures to understand the steps better.

Now lets start wit the other thali and get it ready for wall decoration.

I chose the melamine thali for this and drew the figure of a lady with a pencil.  Applied archival multi-surface paint – Dandelion, Rose Splash, Cool Spa and Lime Punch. After completing the whole picture, I made an outline with  0 no. brush and acrylic paint -black . Sharing pictures for convenience of understanding.


Next, I applied  Little Birdie Decor Varnish – Glossy  on both my projects to protect them from dust and weather damage.

After varnishing, I added some pretty Little Birdie handmade flowers.

I hope you liked my project and find it inspirational. Do not forget to participate in the ongoing Blog Challenge#31 which is all about creating something beautiful using Little Birdie multi-surface paints.

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