Pinwheel Tower Card

Hi Crafters, Kavya here!
Today I am here with a step by step process of making a simple card which can be used as table decor with your photos or a card with some motivational journal cards etc

Materials Required: White Cardstock, Printed Cardstock pack, Ephemera
Take a sheet of white cardstock with height 15.3cm and score 1 inch width each upto 4 inch and after that score 1cm also
Stick first section of scored portion to the last 1cm with tacky tape or glue
After sticking the first and last and it forms like a closed thing
Take first portion of 1inch and stick photo or card to it. Here I am using Botanical Garden Printed Card stock. For reference i have used the second card. And the red tape is used for sticking.
After sticking it seems to appear like this. Similarly we should paste cards to rest of the portion.
Take the second inch and do the above step.
Then third inch….. Sticking the third card to it.
Finally the fourth inch.. And stick the last card.
After all cards done our tower card is ready to embellished.

After adding embellishments our pinwheel tower card is ready.


Materials Required :

Itsy Bitsy Card Stock 12" X 12" – Textured White

Little Birdie Printed Cardstock pack – Botanical Garden, 4 X 6inch, 12Designs, 250gsm, 24Sheet

Little Birdie Ephemera Embellishments – Botanical Garden, 50pc

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