Pinewood Wall Organiser

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing fine and this lock down period is treating you all well. Stay home and stay safe! I believe that being creative helps us to stay sane and satisfied and reduces the anxiety of all the chaos that happening around us. We will ride over this too. 

Today I am proceeding with the step by step instructions on this  awesome wall organiser. This is a lovely project where you can write down you reminders, display your lovely photos, notes, hold a mini plant pot, your pens and pencils, and hang your keys or chains and more.

I had this lovely pine wood wall panel  from Itsy Bitsy in my stash and have used it as the base. You can use any, medium to large size wooden plank for your crafting.

I shall deal with the process in many parts as each part involves a lot of steps.

Pen holder

Here we are planning to give an antique wooden bark effect to the holder.

Step 1: On a whitewashed  alterable decorable pencil stand apply two coats of Charcoal chalk paint.

Step 2:  Apply a thick coat of one step crackle medium using a flat brush.

Step 3: Let it dry completely and then apply a coat of chalk paint in shade Snow. Once it dries you can see the crackled effect.

Step 4 : Once dry, we have to apply washes of chalk paints diluted in water to get the desired wood effect.

Step 5 : First apply a wash of Pineapple Lolly chalk paint. Let it dry for few minutes.

Step 6 : Then apply a wash of Drift Wood and let it dry.

Step 7 : Apply a layer of Choco Cookie.

Step 8 : Apply one more wash of Choco Cookie to darken it a bit.

Step 9 : Once dry, apply a coat of Choco Cookie and on the inside and apply 2 coats of Decor  varnish – matte finish.

Step 10 : I have attached a butterfly made with Thai clay  and painted with chalk paints on the holder using silicon glue and allow it to dry.


Step 1. Paint an wooden decorable circle with 3 coats of chalk paint in the shade Charcoal, with each layer drying in between.

Magnetic wall tag

Step 1. Take a wooden tag, and add a coat mixed media fibre  paste as shown in the image.

Step 2. Give 2 coats of diluted chalk paint Lemon Chiffon , and before it dries out add a wash of Choco Cookie along the edges and the textured area. Once dry, add a thin outline with a round 00 brush.

Step 3: Stick the handmade flowers with Thai clay, these are very simple to make. Form small balls of clay of around 4 mm size. Roll them between your hands to form a strip of around 1.5 cm. Flatten and roll each one to make roses. The leaves can be made with simple tools. Let it dry for a day and stick them as shown in the image. I just love Little Birdie Thai clay, it’s such an amazing product, easy to work with and dries firm and non sticky too.

Step 4: Paint the leaves and flowers with diluted chalk paints and stamp wordings of your choice using clear stamps.

Step 5: Stick a ring magnet at the back using silicon glue.

Wood shelf

Step 1: Paint the wooden decorable plaque in Misty Rose and let it dry.

Step 2: Using a scale and pencil to draw equidistant vertical lines. Decorate desired areas with gold marker . I used marker over the garden vine stencil to cover both the edges too.

Step 3: Using masking tape I have covered the areas which I wanted to leave pink and painted the rest in the shade Choco Cookie.

Step 4. Peel off the masking tape carefully. Once dry, tape mandala stencil and apply chalk paint Snow and let it dry.

 Step 5: After drying, apply two coats of decor varnish matte finish. Paint three corks in Drift Wood and varnish with Decor Varnish matte and keep it aside.

Pinewood frame

Step 1:  Paint the centre part of the wooden frame with a green shade. I wanted a sage sort of green which I created using equal amount of  deep sea blue, and kiwi mojito and a tinge of Sangria. , till we get the desired shade. Dilute the paint and apply two costs.

Step 2:  For the border, I have painted a deep blue shade made with mixing deep sea blue with a tinge of Kiwi Mojito.

Step 3: Using gold markers and mandala and vine stencil mark the design along the corners of the frame. Apply a coat of wood stain – Chestnut along the outer edge of the frame.

Step 4: Decorate the centre of the frame randomly with Marsh green and Kiwi Mojito and stencils Blossoming buds and Doily duo.

The clipboard

Step1.  Cut out a Rectangle from a chipboard sheet, size 10 cm width and length of 14 cm and trim the edges.

Step 2. Apply a layer white gesso as primer, let it dry and apply a layer of Tattered Lace chalk paint and before it dries apply lightly a layer of Choco Cookie around the edges and middle.

Step 3: Once dry, use the word stencil and shade Drift Wood using a foam brush. Apply decor varnish in matte after drying .

Step 4: Glue on a hinge clip with silicon glue and paste few handmade flowers and clipboard is ready.

Photo clip

On a wooden peg, stick a rose  and stick a jute twine over it to give some texture.

Assembly of elements

Step 1: First glue in place the the round black board and then the pencil box as shown in image.

Step 2:  Stick the corks in place at equal distance and glue the wood plaque over it and let it dry and attach hooks with a screwdriver. These multi purpose hooks are very cool, they are beautiful, sturdy and can transform any piece of art.

Step 3: Glue on the clipboard and the wooden peg.

Step 4: Attach a ring magnet to hold the magnet wall decor.

Step 5: Attach handmade flowers near the blackboard as shown in the image with silicon glue.


Step 6: Apply a coat of decor varnish matte over the unvarnished areas except for the black board. Attach two frame hanger  hooks to hold it in place and its ready. Enjoy your own wall organizer.

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Products used


Wooden Pine Wall Panel- 33.5X33.5cm, 1pc

wooden circle

Little Birdie Wooden Decorable 6x4inch, 1pc – Plaque

Itsy Bitsy White Washed Alterable- Pencil Stand

Wooden Pegs – Natural, 4.5cm, 8Pc

Wooden Tags – 5Pc

Little Birdie Stencil – Fleur-De-Lis Mandala, 4" X 4"

Little Birdie Stencil – Secret To Happiness, 4" X 4"

  1. ­

Little Birdie Stencil – Garden Vine, 4" X 4"


Little Birdie Stencil – Blossoming Buds, 4" X 7"




Little Birdie Handmade Flower Deborah Boho Vibes- 10pc

Little Birdie Handmade Flower Celestina Celebrate Life- 20pc

Little Birdie Twisted Jute Twine Assorted, 8m

Little Birdie Decor Varnish, 100ml – Matte


Ferrite Ring Magnet – 17.5×7.5x3mm, 20pc


Paint Marker Gold -1Pc

Little Birdie One Step Crackle Medium -100ml

Itsy Bitsy Synthetic Hair Round Brush Size – 00, 1pc


Little Birdie Home Decor Chalk Paint 120ml – Misty Rose

Little Birdie Clear Stamps – Shine Bright, 4.5" X 6.5", 14Pc

Thai Clay 200gm

Little Birdie Mixed Media Fiber Paste -200gm

Multipurpose Hook (2 hole) with Screws – 3pc

Frame Hook Hanger D Ring- 4pc



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