Peacock Garden – Altered Decoupage Desk

Hi all,

This is Nithiya from Design Team! Today I will show you how I altered an old short desk which is more than 25 years old. For this I used the newly launched Decoupage Filament papers.

These decoupage filament papers comes in 21 unique designs with 60gsm thickness and are wrinkle or bubble free when used.  It comes as a single ply and can be used directly on the desired surface and gives a smooth finish. I used the Decoupage filament paper – Peacock Garden and gave a new look to my old desk.

Step 1: I cleaned the desk and sanded the edges with a sand paper.

Step 2: I used 2 in one modelling paste and filled all the gaps and leveled the uneven surfaces.

Step 3: I primed the top surface with white gesso and inner surface and legs with black gesso.

Step 4: I painted the top surface with Little Birdie chalk paint – Pineapple Lolly

Step 5: I used Little Birdie Deco Magic glue matte and did some collage and decoupage on the top surface of the desk with filament paper.

Step 6: I let it dry and did merge the painting with the chalk paints Pineapple Lolly, Snow, Terracotta and Kiwi Mojito to hide the paper cuts.

Step 7: I used the stencil – Palm Flourish and stenciled the sides of the desk with chalk paints Tuscan Teal, Blue Spa and Indigo Rush as shown in the picture.

Step 8: I used two step crackle medium for a crackle effect on the legs of the desk.

Step 9: To make the cracks visible I rubbed Rich Gold metallic wax on the crackled surface with fingers and wiped it off with a cloth immediately before it dried.

Step 10: I applied three coats of Little Birdie Matte – Decor Varnish on the top surface and one coat of Gloss Decor Varnish on the legs and inner surface. We can go one step further and seal the top surface with epoxy clear resin to make it water/write proof.

Below are some pictures of the finished project.

Materials used:

  1. Decoupage filament paper – Peacock Garden
  2. Sand paper
  3. Mixed media paste
  4. White gesso
  5. Black gesso
  6. Chalk paint – Pineapple Lolly
  7. Chalk paint – Kiwi Mojito
  8. Chalk paint – Snow
  9. Chalk paint – Indigo Rush
  10. Chalk paint – Blue Spa
  11. Chalk paint – Tuscan Teal
  12. Chalk paint – Terracotta
  13. Deco magic glue matte
  14. Stencil Palm flourish
  15. Two step crackle medium
  16. Rich gold metallic wax
  17. Deco varnish matte
  18. Deco varnish gloss

See you all with another new project!



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