Ornamental Quilled Snowflake Fridge Magnet

Hi, I’m Kunali and today I’m going go teach you how to make a beautiful ornamental fridge magnet. This is versatile and you can use this idea to make a pretty dangler for your home, make a similar design on the other side and you could dangle it in your car too. This also makes a great gift. I hope you like this idea and make this cute ornamental snowflake fridge magnet or a dangler. 

We’ll start with taking a 5.5 cm MDF circle. I have coloured it with a golden shade of metallic paint.

Keep it aside to dry. While it was drying, I took a few black quilling strips of 5mm  and stuck it twice over to make increase the stiffness. Fold and stick 8 such strips. Allow them to dry. 

Once they are dry, fold the 8 strips into a V and stick them as shown. Apply glue to the strips and stick it in the centre of the MDF circle. 

Make 8 petals as shown below and keep aside. Along with the petals, make 16 curlicues and keep aside. 

After these are ready, arrange the petals and curlicues as shown and keep aside to dry.

Now, we’ll work on making tassels. Make them as shown below and wind them around the jute twine. 

Once that’s done, stick it to the circle. Flip the MDF circle on the other side and stick a magnet behind it. 

Once it dries, voila, your ornamental Snowflake fridge magnet is ready! 

Here is another way in which I’ve made an ornamental fridge magnet. 


I hope you liked this craft! 

Below are the links to the products I’ve used for this craft. 

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MDF Base Round 


Black Quilling Strip 


Hot Pink Quilling Strip


Wooden Beads – Blue and Red





Braided Woven Cord 


Crochet Thread 




PVA Glue 


Monte Marte Metallic Acrylic colours 


Monte Marte Brush Set 





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