Opulent Lotus Pond – Craft Cement Mixed Media Decor

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Mukta here on the blog today.  I am very excited to share this project with you all. I have never used cement in art projects  and that is why I was really excited to play with this product. This is what I have come up with….a Lotus Pond made from scratch using the craft cement.

Whenever I think of lotus there are few words that come to my mind…..exotic, luxurious, sacred and beautiful. So I have clubbed all these things to come up with this Opulent Lotus Pond.

Without much adieu I want to get on with the tutorial.

I started with some wires to make the petals for the lotus. I decided to make 7 big petals and 5 small petals. Each petal is shaped with hands and to be safe, I used pliers and wire cutters. The big petals measure 4.5 inches and the small ones are 3 inches each.

Once all the petals were shaped, I covered them with cheesecloth to fill in the gap in the petal frame. Once all the petals were covered, I curved them a little so that they get a natural look. Then I mixed the cement with water (2:1 ratio) and coated each petal with it.


To let the petals air dry, I made small holders with aluminium foil for each petal.  It took 1 day for all the petals to dry completely and once dry, they retained the shape. When they were dry, I sprayed  water on each petal every few hours for the next 2 days…so no cracks developed.


After 2 days, it was time to unite them to make a pretty lotus. I have used a  bowl to shape the flower. I first tied the big petals together and placed them carefully in the bowl. On this, I poured a little cement mixture. Then I tied the small petals together and carefully placed it over the big petals in the bowl. Then I poured a little more cement mixture over this. I leveled it and sprinkled some silver microbeads in the center. To shape the flowers, I have placed aluminium foil filling behind the petals.

I let this be for 1 day and then carefully took the flower out of the bowl. I have again sprayed the base with water so that it becomes strong and no cracks are formed.  This is how my cement lotus looked. Initially I thought of leaving it as it is but then decided to go ahead with some mixed media work.

My lotus did not develop any cracks, but if yours does….just mix a little cement with water and make a diluted mixture. Keep brushing the cracks with this and it will get all patched up after a few applications.

To satisfy the mixed emdia artist in me, I coated the entire lotus with Little Birdie Texture Paste and white gesso. I let it dry completely which took about 15minutes.

I colored the lotus with various tones of pink. I initially used shades of peach and gold and pink but then at the end I changed it because I wanted a bolder look for the lotus.

 I jazzed it up with glitter and sparkle and added it to the base plate. I have used M-seal, a fast curing epoxy compound to do this. Then I covered the area around the lotus with microbeads in blue and green to give the effect of murky water and lotus leaves. I sprinkled it with little more gold shimmer and finished it with a fancy lace from my stash. That was the final touch of luxury to my majestic Lotus Pond!! Here are the pictures…I hope you like it.

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Here is a list of supplies I used



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