One Step and Two Step Crackle Medium – How are They Different?

Hello Crafty Peeps,

I am Ranjana Jindal. Today I’m here at Itsy Bitsy’s blog with my project – “Little Birdies”. A question often asked by crafters is- How is 1 Step and 2 Step Crackle Medium different? Today, I will compare Little Birdie’s One step  Crackle Medium and & Two Step Crackle Medium.

Both are wonderful products with good results but most of the people are confused which one to use when and how to use them. So here is the comparison between the two…

Project with two step crackle Medium:

On a wooden coaster apply a thin and even layer of gesso followed with one coat of white chalk paint. Then decoupage desired tissue with the help of Little Birdie Deco magic glue (decoupage glue).

Apply the base coat from the set of 2 step Crackle Medium. After it dries clear, apply top coat from the set of 2 step Crackle Medium. Let it dry completely for 5-6 hrs. Cracks will start appearing on the surface.

To highlight the cracks apply wood wax or oil paint and rub it with soft cloth so as the wax/paint gets into cracks.

Slowly wipe off all the extra paint while buffing to reveal the beautiful cracks all over the surface.

Project with one step crackle medium:

On another coaster, apply a thin layer of gesso followed by dark blue paint which should be visible through the cracks…

Apply 1 step crackle medium and dry it completely for 3-4 hours.

Apply the light blue top colour and the cracks will appear as the colour gets dry…

Decoupage desired tissue with the help of Deco magic glue.


  • 2 step Crackle Medium is applied over the decoupaged image while the 1 step Crackle Medium is applied before decoupaging the base.
  • We apply wood wax or oil paints to highlight the cracks in 2 step Crackle Medium while in 1 step Crackle Medium we apply Crackle Medium between two layers of contrasting colours.
  • 2 step Crackle Medium is used to get an antique vintage look. Size of cracks always depend on the thickness of medium applied.

Hope this post will help you to choose the right Crackle Medium for your next project…

Happy Crafting ?

Products Used:

(All products from Itsy Bitsy)

  • Gesso
  • Chalk and acrylic paints
  • One-step crackle medium
  • Two-step crackle medium
  • Deco Magic glue
  • Handmade flowers


  1. Very clear instructions… do we varnish on 2 step crackle medium cz I had used Asian paints aquador n it started peeling off. Pl guide

  2. Have learnt the hard way, but hve been able to achieve desired results finally !

    Thanks so much for sharing the details 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing all the important information and differences between the two. You cleared all my doubts.

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