Mythical Feng Shui Dragon

Hello creatives,

Ashwini here! Presenting you my most rewarding fluid art piece with Little Birdie Acrylic Pouring Medium and Paints.

As I believe in Feng Shui (The term Feng Shui literally translates as “wind-water”) so thought of creating a wall panel decor using the pouring paints with few tools.

Feng Shui Dragon is a powerful and auspicious traditional Feng Shui cure and a symbol of strong yang/male energy. The dragon in Feng Shui comes in myriad materials and colors.

Acrylic pouring art is a technique where the acrylic paint is mixed with pouring paint medium and poured on variety of surfaces in any form. This art creates endless  abstract beauties.


  1. Mix the acrylic paints with pouring medium, ideal proportion being 1:1. Mix these and allow it settle for 10 minutes.
  2. Use disposable paper cups with a Popsicle stick for mixing the paints with the medium.
  3. Disposable gloves is mandatory while playing with these paints.
  4. Once the desired colors are mixed, pour them on the base in any way you like in combination with colors and it runs all over creating some abstract images.
  5. Ensure working on a well ventilated place.
  6. Give it a proper natural drying time as it may take 48 hours for perfect drying.
  7.  At last, give a good coat of varnish to complete the project.


Now let’s start with the creation,

Step 1:

Here, I have taken an old piece of wood which was lying in my backyard. Just wanted to give  a colorful life to this lifeless piece. I have primed the wood with a good coat of white gesso. This measures of about 1 ft by 2 ft.  I have selected quite a big base.

Step 2:

Choosing colors to have a perfect combination was not so easy. I chose few colors. Mixed the paints with the pouring medium in a proportion of 1:1 in disposable paper cups and allowed them to rest them for 10 minutes before starting. Use different cups for different colors.

Step 3:

As I have already chosen my picture, it was easy to get started. As Cherry Red was my dominant colour, I started with it, drew a pattern for a dragon with the Popsicle stick. Then I added more colors as shown,

Step 4:

Using a straw I started blowing paints randomly to create a desired pattern. On the process I have added lot of colors and lot of blowing as well. With a pointed brush and a palette knife created the curved strokes on the entire body.

Step 5:

As the sides  were looking empty, I thought of creating something attractive. So, added Mixed Media Paste randomly to created texture in an uneven format.

Step 6:

Just remembered the gold leaf I had, so applied Leafing Size which acts as a glue to stick the gold leaf. After application of the Leafing size we need to leave the surface open for 15 minutes for it to become tacky. As soon as it becomes tacky, tear open the gold leaf slowly and press them on the tacky surface. Just leave this for 10 minutes and rub out the extra leaf with a dry brush.

Step 7:

The edges here were showing a little bit of white. So, added a little of rich gold wax and antique gold wax to the edges.

In the end, the project is complete with the Little Birdie Glossy Varnish.

Here are a few random pics with a closer view:



Hope you all loved my creation,

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Ashwini Vinayraj


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