My Journal Page – At the Beach

Hi All,

Nupur here with one of my journal pages. I am super excited to share what I did on one of my journal pages with watercolors .

Take a look below:

Lets see how I did this beautiful scenery which is simple yet very appealing!

I did this on Little Birdie’s 440 gsm cold pressed journal available at Itsy Bitsy.

When we say cold pressed, it means the paper already has some texture/ teeth on it. This journal is just amazing!! 440 gsm in itself is very thick paper, so its absolutely fantastic for watercolors.

I first covered the sides with washi tape, thenĀ  drew the sketch of rocks and theĀ  horizon line on the paper.

Sorry, I forgot to take picture at this point…

Now for the sky I prewet my paper above horizon line and splashed the water colors to achieve the look of an evening sky (golden yellow, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and violet)

Added some more colors to increase the depth, and then with the help of a tissue paper made the clouds.

Now for water and rocks, I applied dry-on-wet technique and used ultramarine blue for water and burnt umber and burnt sienna for the rocks.

Made mountain and birds at the same time and some reflection of rocks on water, splash of waves on the rocks.

At this point I decided to add some figures near the sea and soften my clouds.

And yes! My journal page was done.

Hope you all like it and enjoyed it.

Let me know if any of you have any queries.



Things I used:

Art Journal

WaterColor- Half pan set

WaterColor Brushes

Washi tape- You can use any washi tape from the store, they all are of fab quality, and if not washi tape then you can use masking tape as well. But i personally prefer washi tape.

And ofcourse water, tissue paper and pencil (HB)

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