Mont Marte Art Supplies in India at Itsy Bitsy

Are you tired of looking for art supplies from shop to shop and searching through a million online sites? Worry no more, because Itsy Bitsy has got you covered!

Today, we’ve put together a check list of Mont Marte art supplies available at Itsy Bitsy. Mont Marte, an Australian brand, offers a wide variety of art, craft & associated products. They are of excellent quality and offer great value for money.

At Itsy Bitsy, you will find paints, brushes, easels, canvases & sketch pads, painting accessories and a whole lot more from Mont Marte.

Let’s start & explore the range together –


  • Paint Sets – From dimensional acrylic paints to watercolour sets, from fabric paints to gouache paints, Mont Marte has paint sets for beginners as well as professionals. Each of the sets come with detailed information (tips, tricks and techniques) on how to use the paints and what surfaces they will work best on.

Check out the complete range here –


  • Canvas Panels – Mont Marte Professional Series Canvas Panels are great for paintings and work very well with oil and acrylic mediums. The Mini Canvas is just too cute, ideal for miniature paintings and place cards. You can find canvases in different shapes like Flower, Star and Heart as well.





The list doesn’t stop here. Besides art supplies, we also stock Mont Marte Mixed Media and Calligraphy supplies. We’ll soon cover the other range of products in our upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned!

We would love to see your creations with Mont Marte art supplies. Post them on Facebook and Instagram with the #madewithitsybitsy and tag us!

Love & Glitter,

Itsy Bitsy



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