Mixed Media Layout – Sweet Memories

Hello Creative Folks,

Vandana Senthil here! Today I am sharing a beautiful paper collection from Little Birdie called Poppies and Roses. I am a huge fan of always buying the entire collection. This collection comes with ephemeras which makes any scrapbook layout fun and interesting.

A scrapbook layout tells more about the picture that is the focal point. It’s a delicate dance about the elements that help to create more emphasis on the picture. Let me show so, sharing clips that will make it easy for one to understand.

I have taken two canvas sizes, one is 12 by 12 and the one overlayed is 10 by 10. I have added Little Birdie black gesso and let it air dry. I am going to now add a background texture with Little Birdie embossing paste – slate, with the help of a stencil. This will keep the background interesting. After application, I heat dried it.

The effects are beautiful. Once this is done, the next step is to choose the colour. The colours that I chose were from the metallic collection Tawny Glint and Orchid Sparkle.

Creating a two-tone blended effect creates a lovely effect for any scrapbook layout. This comes with a lot of patience and skill. Once this step is done next comes the stamping effects. This stamp is from Little Birdie’s new collection called Postal Flora.

My favorite technique this season has been to play around with metallic silver Pigment Ink. Though it dries slowly, still the effects upfront are heartwarming. This pigment ink is very versatile to work with on any substrate.

Now I am layering my ephemerals and my chipboard along the focal point to create more attention. This is a very important step and comes in with a lot of skill and technique. A random layering can create a very cluttered look and make the composition look very uneven.

The entire layering slowly comes to life as I try to balance the depth and placement of elements around it. This makes the focal point stand out with essence and creates a wholesome effect.

the flowers, chipboards, and ephemerals from the paper collection have created beautiful effects. I hope this inspires one to create a scrapbook layout using this collection. Wish you an amazing week ahead and happy crafting.

Materials used:

1. Poppies and Roses paper collection 12 by 12

2. Poppies and Roses Ephemerals

3. Little Birdie Chirpy Haven stencil 4″

4.Twany Glint Metallic Paint

5. Orchid Sparkle

6. Memorable Moments chipboards

7. Time Trails chipboard

8. MDF clocks 5″

9. Pendulum chipboard

10. Moroccan chipboard

11. Brick stencil

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