Mixed Media Envelope

Namaste Friends!!

Kriti this side and today! I am sharing a mixed media envelope. You can use such envelopes to put cash or notecards for gifting.

To make this, I have used some awesome mixed media supplies from Itsy Bitsy.

This is the envelop which I made….

Tutorial for the envelop

Step 1: Take an A4 size premium white cardstock. Now, from the long side, score at 4″ and 8″, and from the short side, score at 0.5″ from both the ends.


Step 2: Next, cut the parts as shown. After that, burnish the score marks and fold the envelop.

Step 5: Then, take a cardstock of size 7″ x 3.75″. Apply mixed media paste using a stencil.

Step 6:  When it dries up, apply clear gesso to make it non-porous.

Step 7: Next, apply Pineapple Lolly Chalk paint over it and let it to dry.

Step 8: Place this cardstock above the envelop and adorn it with some beautiful handmade flowers from the store.

I hope you all liked the project and get inspired to make one for you.

Kriti Mishra


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