Mixed Media Coordinated Table Decor with Metallic Waxes

Hello friends…Hope all of you are crafting great !!

DT Vaishali on the blog today with my inspirational post for the current month’s Blog Challenge, where you can make – Anything with Little Birdie’s newly launched ‘Metallic Wax’. I completely enjoyed using them and have crafted a coordinated set of tissue box and cutlery stand. This table decor  involves both mixed media and decoupage techniques, giving it a dual look. Do read till the end to see  different and interesting views of the creation.

About metallic waxes- The metallic waxes, available  in awesome colours are used for adding shine and rich, metallic finish to various surfaces like wood, paper, clay, glass, fabric etc. They work great when you need to highlight textures. You can add a touch of colour with them as well, using a soft brush.  They create a water resistant surface after drying.

Using waxes obviously mean creating textures. Itsy Bisty has a wide range of mixed media supplies. So many choices to create amazing textures and this is overwhelming. Finally I decided to work with another wonderful product….a product that is not explored much – Fabric Stiffener. I love this product from the store and have used it in the past, in my decoupage projects as well. This time, have used it to create texture and add dimension to the plain wooden bases.Fabric stiffener as the name suggest stiffens fabric and prevents it from fraying. It is completely safe to use this product. Absolutely no issues even if there is hand contact. No special precautions required.

I have stiffened  and adhered a scrap piece of white, cotton fabric on a wooden tissue box, using the stiffener. Laid it partially on the box as seen below, covering two sides. The top of the box was  covered halfway.Adhered the cloth piece, creating maximum creases as this would make a wonderful textured surface. Have a look.My DT kit,  had amazing new products like Metallic Wax, New paper packs with coordinating Handmade flowers,  Craft Pellets,  Natural handmade mixed media strips….wow !!! I was excited to use them all, so made a composition where I could use them them all together.

After the fabric dried completely, I adhered some Little Birdie Mini Craft Pellets (faux stones) for added texture. Have used soft gel medium to do so and covered the entire cloth area with them.  The Craft Pellets are amazing for mixed media projects. They are available in two sizes- Mini and Macro. Both can be easily mixed with texture mediums and  gel mediums. You can colour them with different colouring mediums, like chalk paints, metallic paints, metallic waxes, colour sprays, alcohol splash etc. They are great for natural, organic decoration and work wonderfully as fillers in floral arrangements.

The Craft Pellets adhered permanently with soft gel medium. Now was the time to cover remaining areas of the box. I have used natural mixed media strips to cover gaps and the shorter side of the box.  

Adhered some burlap, some cloth and some corrugated stripes randomly with heavy gel medium.

Once everything dried, applied black gesso all over, covering all gaps and creases. Gesso works as a primer. It helps enhancing the colours  to be applied and give tooth to them.

Now was the most awaited part…to use waxes !!! Have coloured the entire textured area using Metallic Wax- Glimmer Moss and Aqua Sheen. Blended them together using a soft brush.

The two colours blended well with each other, giving an amazing effect.

Next step was to decoupage…again my favourite technique!! I have used a lovely aqua colour paper from the newly launched paper pack Aqua Medley. The pack has beautiful teal and blue papers in soft designs. I have used the 6 x 6 inch size paper pack.

The papers are 230gsm thick, so decided to use the thickness of the paper to create grooved effect.  To create the grooved effect, I painted the remaining area of the box with black gesso. As the gesso was drying, I cut the paper into small strips, each of 1.5 cm width.Now adhered the strips, turning them from top of the box to one of the longer side. Used Decomagic decoupage glue matte to do so.  The paper has mild self design. Made sure the continuity of the design was maintained, while adhering the strips. I have covered the paper strips with top coat of Deco Magic decoupage glue. The top coat is must. It makes the paper archival and seals it.  Have also adhered small burlap strips on the decoupaged side, as you can see above, to have oneness with the other side.

Next, it was the time to add highlights. Have used Metallic – Wax Antique Gold to do so. Rubbed it gently with my fingers on the raised creases of the cloth, Craft Pellets, natural strips  and the decoupaged Aqua Medley paper strips. Also added some some highlights with Tinted Metallic Paint – Caribbean Teal, in few spots to match the tones of  the paper.This highlight uplifted the creation in a dramatic way….I loved it so much !!!

I have also adhered  aqua coloured ribbon around the cut out of the tissue box, using silicon glue . Have a closer look at the gold highlights too. 

Finally embellished with chipboard shapes and the co-ordinating Aqua Medley flowers. Silicon glue works amazingly to adhere all types of embellishments. Dry brushed the embellishments with Antique Gold Metallic Wax for oneness.

Some interesting pictures are here………………..

The mixed media side- 

The decoupage side- 

The decoupaged and the mix media sides compliment each other perfectly. 

The Teal and Antique Gold is a rich and elegant combination. 

Image of the shorter side- the natural, mixed media strip pack is perfect to create beautiful textures in a jiffy!!!

The fall of fabric from one side to another, creating a unique texture.Hope you liked the picture heavy post! Could not stop clicking pictures from different angles and sides as it has a different look on the four sides.

Now with the summer holidays on and my daughter got excited observing me, she also wanted to use the waxes.  So decided to make a coordinated cutlery holder with the tissue box. Both would make a great table decor!

The procedure for the cutlery holder is same as the tissue box. I have given it a dual look as well…. with mixed media and decoupage. Here it is – 

A look of the mixed media side- my daughter enjoyed working with these waxes. She coloured most of this !!!

The decoupage side- 

Grooved decoupage with design continuity- 

And this is how the coordinated set looks together- 

They enhance the table space and am so happy to have created utility products, that I always intend to.

Hope you like my creations with a dual look and of course the effect of metallic waxes. Remember to play along the Blog Challenge. Looking forward to your beautiful creations with Little Birdie Metallic Wax- just pick the colours of your choice and start creating!

Happy Crafting,

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!

Vaishali Khandwala.

List of materials used-















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