Mixed Media Art Journal Ideas

Hello everyone! Pooja here,

Today I will share with you a tutorial of my new mixed media project. This project is a variation from other mixed media creations because this time I have tried my hands on Little Birdie’s new Mixed Media Art Journal.  Little Birdie has come up with two types of journals  and I want to share a few thing about them with you in this post.

Little Birdie art journals offer wonderful options for journaling enthusiasts and the best part is, you can save your artistic creations in an organized way.

Little Birdie mixed media art journal:- this art journal comes in 440 gsm with total 92 pages. It allows you to experience and try different kind of surfaces in one book. It contains pages of canvas, corrugated sheets, white burlap, natural burlap, handmade paper, Kraft board.

Size :- Mixed media art journal comes in 2 sizes. One is 7.6× 10.2 inch, and the other is 5.5×7.5 inch. Both have 92 pages.

2. Art journal:- This journal is made of 100%  cold pressed cotton paper and comes in different sizes, pages and gsm.

The sizes are

  •   7.6×10.2inch
  •  5.5×7.5 inch
  •  7.6×10.2inch

Note:-  Avoid making your work to thick with multiple layers or else, it may be difficult to close the book.

I would also like to share about 2 more products which I have used in my project. Mixed Media Grainy Texture Paste and Fiber Texture Paste

Grainy Texture Paste:-

  • Grainy texture paste is ideal for layering and creating three-dimensional effects
  • For defined shapes and designs, use with stencils
  • For free hand shapes and textures, apply with a palette knife
  • When dry, the surface is paintable with acrylic paints, inks and other mediums
  • Clean up with soap and water when wet
  • Dries with a wonderful grainy texture

Fiber Texture Paste:-

  • Water based fibrous texture paste
  • Ideal for creating rough, fibrous texture on paper, canvas, wood, cardboard, chipboard or preparing a mixed media project
  • Can be painted, stained or sprayed with inks when dry
  • Can be mixed with acrylic medium/colours to get a tinted effect
  • Non tacky, non toxic

Now it’s time to show begin with the project. In this, I have used a mixed media art journal and selected the corrugated sheet as the base for my project.

I have used Mixed Media Grainy Texture paste with stencil,  Fiber Texture Paste on a cardboard circle, Little Birdie flowers, cheese cloth, fabric, die cut, dry moss to create texture and composition you can see in the picture below.

Pasted, embellishments according to my taste. You can compose your own with what ever you like. I  removed this face later and placed a flat metal embellishment because it was not allowing me to close the book.

After that I simply covered the entire page with Little Birdie black gesso. After it dried I used tinted metallic paints Poppy red, Golden Glaze and distressed my composition with Little Birdie white gesso.

Here is the final picture


I would also like to share some more of my work done on different surfaces of this mixed media journal.

This one is done on water color paper with Mont Marte acrylic, water color, and Little Birdie gesso.

The 2nd one is on white burlap done with Little Birdie products like white and black gesso, color sprays, stencil, mica flakes, and flowers.

The 3rd one is made on canvas sheet and Kraft paper. Used both sheet as a continuation. Used chipboard, sprays, embellishments, gesso, flowers, and more.

Thank you so much for visiting the blog today. I hope you  liked my projects.

Do share your journaling ideas with us!!

Love Pooja

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  1. Lovely journal pages Pooja. Loved them. Each one is so unique and beautiful. Thanks for sharing

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