Mixed Media Alphabet ‘R’

Hi Creatives,

Roopashree here, bringing you a simple yet classy & easy mixed media art on paper mache alphabet.
Will be altering an alphabet ‘R’ as my name starts with R & would be a great decor piece.

Let’s get started.

Step 1:
I have taken paper mache letter R. To make the surface workable, I primed it with a coat of White Gesso and allowed it to dry.

Step 2:
Next, I added some texture to the surface by stenciling with 2 in 1 Mixed Media Paste.

Step 3:
Next, I made some clay embellishments with the newly launched moulds. To make your own, take required quantity of clay fill in the moulds & press on the surface to remove air bubbles if any, wait till it dries, demould it & give a good coat of white gesso.

I have used butterfly & Antique Pillar silicon mould & Thai clay.

Step 4:
Decorated the alphabet with embellishments available in the store, like metal charms, jewellery base, pearls, primed chipboard, craft pellets, handmade flowers & some embellishments out of my stash, layered & arranged them as shown in the image. I have used heavy gel mediam to stick the embellishments. Waited till everything was dry before moving on to the next step. Gave a coat of black gesso covering the embellishments, waited till they dried.

Step 5:
Now using dry brush technique applied white chalk paint. This way you can see both black as well white colors. Let it dry completely before applying the colors.

Step 6
select chalk paint shades of your choice & color the embellishments using dry brush technique.

Lastly, with a ceramic cone, make dots all around to give a finished look.

Few clicks of the finished project.

Material list:
1.Paper mache alphabet

2.white gesso

3.silicon moulds

4.Chipboard designs

5.Handmade flowers

6.Craft pellets

7.Black gesso

8.Chalk paint

9.Ceramic puffy cone

10.Thai clay


12. 2 in 1 mixed media paste

13. Heavy gel medium

Hope you will enjoy making one

Lots of Loveā¤?


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