Making Resin Embellishments with Resin and Hardener

Hello Friends,

I am Sunita Tandon and  today, as a guest DT in Itsy Bitsy’s blog, I will share with you some tricks and tips of making resin embellishments.

Little Birdie’s Resin and hardener can be used for making wonderful embellishments that you can  further use in your projects. Have a look at the finished product to believe in what I say!

Let’s start making the embellishments:-

Step 1

The supplies which you will need are :- Silicon Moulds, Little Birdie Resin (Clear and Hardener), Little Birdie Tinted Metallic Gold Paint, Little Birdie Chalk Paint- Charcoal, Little Birdie Crystal Drops and a disposable bowl.


Step 2

Measure 10 ml Little Birdie Resin (Clear) and 10 ml Little Birdie Resin (Hardener).

Step 3

Mix both the Resin and Hardener together thoroughly, and pour them into the moulds of your choice.

Step 4

After pouring the blend into the moulds, let them sit for few hours until  they become hard.

Step 5

After few hours take them out of the moulds. What lovely shapes they have taken!!

Step 6

After that, apply black Chalk Paint all over the embellishments.

Step 7

Thereafter, apply Tinted Metallic Paint-Gold on them. You need not paint them uniformly (that will give a unique, vintage effect)

Step 8

At the end, place Little Birdie Crystal Drops over/inside the embellishments and once again pour the mixture ( resin and hardener) to seal the crystals. Allow them to dry and that’s it! Use your homemade resin embellishments in mixed media, scrapbook layouts, album covers, decor pieces or where you please.

Hope you liked the idea and will try it out!


Sunita Tandon.



  1. Thank u so much very informative….I have a silly …no very silly question….can we use resin on sealing a name plate after it being done

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the details Sunita…believe will have to pick up few silicom moulds to try these 🙂 till now was using the resin hardener for circular or square surfaces only 🙂

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