Make Antique effect bottle in few easy steps :)

Hello Crafty Folks,

I am here with yet another beautiful and super easy inspiration for you.

As of now, you all might know that I am a big time fan of doodling with my favourite subject Peacock. A little bit of doodle twist and Little Birdies amazing metallic wax and pearl drops, that’s all needed to make this beautiful Antique effect glass Bottle.

I love freehand doodling. This time I have used the 3d outliner to make this peacock drawing. In case you don’t want to directly use 3d outliner, you can draw with a pencil first. Make sure to put white gesso on the bottle, so that you can see the pencil marks properly. Or you can use any of your favourite stencil design using little Birdies mixed media paste.

In that case, no need for a 3d outliner. This post is dedicated to those who love to draw and want to make their own design without using any stencil. 🙂

Let’s start with the process.

I took a bottle and started drawing using a 3d outliner. You really need a good practice on 3d outliner though. Those who are good in Mehndi art, it’s a bit easy for them to use these 3d outliners. Try doing it, its fun.

Once dried spread Little Birdies black Gesso on the bottle surface.

Let it dry properly and start putting Silver Metallic wax with your fingers. You will immediately start to see the magic.

Pearl drops are my all time favourite, I love using them to beautify my projects. 🙂

You really get perfect flat backs if you put your drops slowly. The perfect shape is all about how much pressure you are putting on the tube.

This is how I have used these drops.

Added some metal embellishments from my stash too 🙂

Tadaaaa …. and it’s all done.

Hope you enjoyed the overall process 🙂

Looking forward to your amazing creations using Pearl Drops for this month’s Blog Challenge.


Seema Sinha

The product I have used are :






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