Make a Wish – Fairy Clipboard with Image Transfer

Hello creative fellows a big hello from Seema!

I am here with my very first post as a DT at Itsy Bitsy.

I am super excited to share a very cute project with you all. Itsy  Bitsy has launched a magical product recently. Yes! I am talking about the Instant Image Transfer Gel.

Here’s  what all you need to decorate this tiny clipboard from AC Moore, using Instant Image Transfer Gel.

In the first step, choose the base and a print of an image you want to transfer. Laser print works best for this medium, however you can use magazine prints or any other photograph too.

I was following this cute fairy on the internet since so long,…. finally thought of using her in my project.

In the second step, I applied Instant Image Transfer Gel medium on the clipboard with a brush ( this clipboard is my most favourite from newly launched AC Moore collection).

Now, I cut the paper according to the size of the clipboard and placed it upside down on the surface (image side down). When you are doing this step, in order to paste the paper neatly and avoid bubbles, very gently press your fingers on the paper and push softly towards all the edges. Let it dry for 5 to 10 min (it may take more time if the room temp is low- specially during the chilling winters. You can use a heat gun to dry it, if needed or if you are in a hurry!.

Next step is the most important one, so make a note: Don’t be  in any rush in completing this step.  In this step, wet the surface with water and start rubbing the paper very softly with one finger.

As the process follows you will see that the image is popping out from the underneath. This is what I call instant magic!!

Once done, let it dry properly and apply a coat of Little Birdie’s Deco Magic over the image. Isn’t it magical?

Let’s add some colours to the clipboard using Gesso, chalk paint and with the help of sponge blenders.

If you are good at brush work, then you can add some depth to the image using acrylic colours. I always feel like adding some depth after an image transfer. Little touch-ups will make your art work even more beautiful.

In the final step give a coat of Little Birdie’s Magic Deco Glue to seal your project . Once dried, use a coat of varnish to give your project a protective layer.

Now add sentiments ( it’s totally your choice) and then you are done!

Hope you like the project and make something similar!





By seemasinha

Hi, I am Seema Sinha, a professional artist and a passionate crafter. I love to experiment on my work and love to use different types of art-forms in my projects. Watercolour, doodling, decoupage and mixed media are my favourites. Hope you will like my creative efforts here ☺


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