Ma Durga Shadow Box

Hello everyone! Vini here with you today.

Durga Puja is just around the corner and here I present to you the beautiful Ma Durga filament paper from the store. Jai Ma!

I would like to tell you about the quality of the filament paper first. You have  to use to believe what an amazing product this is. This is neither like the decoupage tissues nor like the rice papers. These are not delicate or transparent, hence are excellent specially for new crafters who are worried about tearing or wrinkles in the tissue. The filament paper is a bit stretchable, can be fussy cut easily, blends well with paints and adheres wrinkle free! I cannot tell you how much I love these new papers. Let us begin!

I worked on my old shadow box. I took the old board from the box and painted it with white gesso.

Once dry, I stencilled the whole board using the 4×4 inches Star Circle stencil to create an elegant background for Ma. I stenciled using a  mix of Little Birdie tinted metallic paints Golden Glaze and Tawny Tint.

Next, I fussy  cut the shape of Durga ma’s face and some elements I thought I could use from the Durga themed filament paper. 

I took a piece of a white handmade paper and adhered the face on it with Deco Magic decoupage glue.

Once the board and the face were dry, I varnished everything and let them dry.

I wanted to ornament the crown so I used the embossing pen and embossing powder from the store to turn the black lines on the paper into gold! You have to draw with the embossing pen, sprinkle powder and apply heat through a heat gun to see the magic!

I pasted small sequins and stones, pearl drops to further enhance the face and the background.  I gave a raised effect to the face by curving it on a bottle and attached the face to the board with a double sided tape.

I adhered a rich textured maroon handmade paper at the back. The good thing is that the store stocks 12×12 inch and A4 size papers so you don’t have to buy big rolls of sheets.

Here is my final box. May Ma Durga remove all the darkness from this world!

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