‘Love’ Note Holder with Craft Cement

Hello crafty friends!

Daksha here! Today I am sharing a cement craft project …the theme is ‘Love’. Initially, I was a little confused about what to make with this product and how will it work out. But once I started and watched Itsy Bitsy’s craft cement video …ideas just started pouring into my head.

Thereafter it was difficult to stop myself from experimenting! Let me tell you in advance…It is very addictive!! You just can’t stop playing around with the craft cement. I almost used 3 packs of craft cement before I could restrain myself from experimenting further…

In this project of mine, I have used silicon moulds. I have many designs as I am a soap making enthusiast. You can use any plastic container,  box, glass bottle etc. for your base. You just have to look around and pick bases and shapes of different sizes!

If you want to see  how to use craft cement click here.

Now let’s get started with the project. Since it’s  the Valentine’s week so I made something which can be gifted to your loved one.

Note Card Holder- Love!

 Here I have made a 3″X3″ note card to go with this note card holder with Little Birdie’s- Forever valentine primed chipboard shapes and flowers. Size of my project base is 8″X3″ and each letter is 2″ tall. The base is almost 3/4″ tall.


                               Top view

Step by step procedure:

I started with mixing craft cement and water in a container. Mix water gradually till you get the desired consistency. I poured the mixture into my alphabet mould. (Only the selected alphabets ). I filled the same in different shapes and also some extra alphabets for later use. ( As I have told you earlier..it’s very addictive and fun to work with).


Here you can see the other moulds that I have used. I played with shell moulds too as I planned to use it in my project…but then I changed my mind.

One important thing I must tell you is that, like I have used paper clips here, you can insert any thing you want inside the craft cement when it is wet. Once it dries you cannot do it and curing of the cement takes almost 3/4 days. As it dried, I sprinkled little water onto it to avoid cracks.

 Finally when all the things dried completely, I decided on working with the words LOVE and HOME and a cemented paper clip with a base for the final project.

I did light sanding with sand paper on chosen cement items.

 As I wanted to add some color and also maintain the cemented look, I decided to color the paper clip base and the ‘O’ in Love in pink and red. I applied a layer of gesso only on two of those.

 Then I painted them with Little Birdie chalk paint and added polka dots. with the end of a brush tip.

Then with heavy gel medium..I stuck everything in their desired places.

Finally, I gave a coat of matte varnish on the two colored things not on the plain cemented ones. Since I have used the matte varnish the painted pieces are not looking strikingly different then the other pieces. I used Little Birdie handmade flowers to decorate the note card holder base ( see in the final picture).

On the image above, you can see I have colored other alphabet letters and made the word ‘HOME’. it’s a fridge magnet which I tried. I have used different chalk paints for each letter and used strong magnets at the back. I am not sharing the complete project here today. After coloringI have used glitter paste on the letters and once they dried I gave a coat of matte decor varnish.


 Have a look above. You can try various things with this versatile product.

Here you can see glittery look. I will definitely share it with you some other day.

Final look of the project

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you liked it and will try something interesting with Little Birdie Craft Cement!! Do share your projects with us.

Happy crafting



Supplies used:























Note: #Since I don’t have little birdie red chalk paint..I mixed  fevicryl red in little birdie pink chalk paint…and for darker dots I have used Little birdie  Black chalk paint in my red colour mixture …and that purple also from fevicryl

# I have used silicon moulds in which once cement dries n comes out very easily and we get very smooth finish.  And comes out by just pushing from bottom..as it’s very soft .


  1. love it Daksha…….fresh idea and superb…..the grey and pink go so well together …..rough rustic cement and romantic satin pink….a contrast so well executed and one that speaks on multiple levels ….so perfect for Valentine’s too………. just adore it !!

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