Lord Ganapati Wall Decor in Dhokra Style

Hello crafters, DT Jyotirmoy here today!

I am back to our favorite Itsy Bitsy blog with another quick tutorial of a wall decor.  Today I am going to make a wall decor item in Dhokra (or Dokra)  style using my favorite Little Birdie Shape It. (air hardening clay)

Dhokra  is a non–ferrous metal casting using the ‘lost-wax casting’ technique. It  has been used in India for over 4,000 years and is still in use. The name ‘Dhokra’ comes from the Dhokra Damar tribes, traditional metal smiths of  West Bengal. Today I am going to make an art piece in Dhokra style.

Let’s start.

Step 1: First of all I have taken a 12*12 inch wooden decorable and draw a square in the middle with a pencil  and then draw a  simple sketch of lord Ganesha in the middle of the square.

Step 2: Next  take Little Birdie Shape It and mix the Shape It resin and hardener(1:1 ratio) equally. Mix both well by rolling between the palms or kneading  until a uniform colour is achieved.  Use some talcum powder while mixing.

Step 3: Next,  put the mixture of Shape It resin and hardener on the  drawn parts  of lord Ganesha. Start from the lower parts to the upper.

Step 4: Then make some threads of the clay and paste the threads on the clay base of Lord Ganesha.

Here is a picture after pasting the threads completely.

Step 5 : Next, Apply Little Birdie black gesso on the clay work and then use a palette knife to apply Little Birdie white 2 in 1 Mixed media paste  on the square portion that has been drawn with pencil on the wooden decorable.

Step 5 : Next,  apply white gesso on the remaining part of the wooden decorable.

Step 6: Then apply Little Birdie Salsa Red chalk paint on the textured area.

Step 7:  After that  apply  Lime Mint chalk paint on the remaining part of the wooden decorable. After drying, add texture using the stencil  Flora Enchante and white mixed media paste.

Step 8: Next  apply a thin coat of Kiwi Mojito chalk paint after diluting it with a little water.

Step 8: When everything has dried use Little Birdie tinted metallic paint – Golden glaze using your finger tip. Here I suggest you not to use a brush.

Step 9 : Next apply Little Birdie decor varnish matte to protect the color.

Step 10: Then  cut 4 pieces of wooden strips after measuring and colour  them with chalk paint  Blue Spa and  paste them using heavy gel medium.

Step 11: Next make some designs with Shape It  and paste them on the corner of the frame and colour them with Little Birdie tinted metallic paint –  Golden Glaze after applying black gesso and varnish it.

Step 12: Finally  give a dark shade on the edges using  black chalk paint and now it is ready.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Stay home and Stay safe.  Here are some glimpse of my project for you.

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Supplies used

  1. Wooden decorable
  2. Little Birdie Shape It
  3. Chalk paint Blue spa
  4. Chalk paint Salsa red
  5. Little Birdie black gesso
  6. Little Birdie white gesso
  7. Little Birdie white mixed media paste 2 in 1
  8. Decor varnish matte
  9. Metallic paint Golden glaze
  10. Stencil Flora Enchante
  11. Chalk paint Lime Mint
  12. Chalk paint Kiwi Mojito
  13. Wooden strip
  14. Chalk paint Charcoal black

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