Little Birdie’s New Product Update

Hello Arty-Crafty people, we perfectly understand how you desire to try out new products and techniques every now and then! Itsy Bitsy and its own brand Little Birdie never disappoints you and we have launched an entire range of new products. These are all available in our physical stores and web-store.

We are also excited to announce that all these products come with a new feature….a unique QR code!

Point your mobile phone at the QR code on the product & scan them  to take you directly  to our YouTube links where you can see how each of these products are used! Check out all our new products for QR codes in future ( this will be either on the label or on the bottle cap).

Teasers were out when we inaugurated our latest Mumbai store and introduced a limited supply of our upcoming products in the R City Mall store. But now, these are available to everyone, no matter which corner of the country you are in.

Since these have just hit the shelves, you might want to know a little bit more about each of them. Take a tour of the products with us and read along to discover prices, product features, uses and more.

1. FIBER PASTE  – 200 gms – ₹199

All mixed media enthusiasts love textures. We created this Fiber Texture Paste to give you a ready made solution for creating fibrous texture backgrounds. Tintable with paints, you can easily adapt this paste with your colour themes.

Product Features:

  • Water based fibrous texture paste
  • Ideal for creating rough, fibrous texture on paper, canvas, wood, cardboard, chipboard or preparing a mixed media base
  • Best applied with palette knife
  • Can be painted, stained or sprayed with inks when dry
  • Can be mixed with acrylic medium/colours to get a tinted effect
  • Non tacky, non toxic

To watch how it works click here

2 . GRAINY TEXTURE PASTE -200 gms -₹250

Little Birdie Grainy Texture Paste is yet another wonderful texture base for mixed media artists. It has a fine grainy texture and works well with freehand application and stencils both. After drying, the fine gritty texture is visible and adds a great dimensional effect to projects.

Product Features:

  • Grainy texture paste is ideal for layering and creating three-dimensional effects
  • For defined shapes and designs, use with stencils
  • For free hand shapes and textures, apply with a palette knife
  • Tintable with inks when wet
  • When dry, the surface is paintable with acrylic paints, inks and other mediums
  • Clean up with soap and water when wet
  • Dries with a wonderful grainy texture

To watch how it works and catch glimpses of a mixed media project click here

3.DECOR VARNISH GLOSS & MATTE – 100 ml each – ₹199 each 

Every wooden creation needs protection from moisture and regular wear and tear to maintain its beauty and luster. Little Birdie Decor Varnish is a wonderful top coat for wooden projects. We created a Gloss and Matte to give you more options as always!

Product Features:

  • Great for sealing and protecting outdoor and indoor wooden surfaces like tables and wooden decor pieces.
  • Can also be applied on raw wood.
  • Fast drying.
  • Water based
  • Best applied with a flat, soft brush.
  • Gives ultimate protection and durable finish to wooden surfaces.

4.ACRYLIC SOFT GEL MEDIUM GLOSS & MATTE -100 ml each – Rs.200 each


The Little Birdie Gel Mediums can be used to extend volume of paints and also to increase transparency. They come in Gloss and Matte so that you can work according to your preference. Also has excellent adhesion and works well in  collages, decoupage and for adhering embellishments. This will surely come handy for mixed media enthusiasts.

Product Features:

  • When mixed with acrylic paints, can alter it’s texture, paint flow etc.
  • Great for extending colour volume and adding body to thinner paint for impasto techniques
  • Retains peaks, brush strokes and helps create dimension in your projects.
  • Can be used directly as an adhesive or an glossy /matte overlay.
  • Water based, transparent, archival safe and non toxic.

5.PHOTO TRANSFER MEDIUM – 100 ml –  Rs.180

Little Birdie has the right answer for all enthusiasts who love photo transfer techniques. Try this easy to use product on wood, metal, glass, terracotta and other surfaces.

Product Features:

  • Can be used for transferring a photo onto just about any surface such as wood, metal, glass, terracotta
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water
  • Non tacky when dry
  • Smooth consistency and application
  • Hand washable on fabric
  • Water based and non toxic

6.TWO STEP CRACKLE MEDIUM -100 ml each  Rs. 299

You will love Little Birdie’s pack of Two Step Crackle Medium if you love creating aged, vintage projects with visible cracks. Its a wonderfully simple way to create cracks within minutes and is also great for decoupage projects.

Product Features:

  • Great for adding a crackled, antique effect to creative projects in 2 simple steps.
  • Can be used on different paint mediums like acrylic and oil and also on decoupage sheets.
  • Multi-surface friendly, including wood, glass, metal, ceramic, plaster, paper, terracotta and more.
  • This package contains 2 bottles including a Basecoat (Step 1) and a Topcoat (Step 2).
  • Water based and dries transparent. Clean up with soap and water.
  • Non tacky, non toxic.

7.CRYSTAL DROPS – 40 gms- ₹80

The glassy, ice crystal like faux Crystal Drops are great for adding texture and dimension to mixed media projects. These are also wonderful for adding to winter and water theme projects, school craft and more.

Product Features:

  • Add more texture to your projects with these transparent, faux crystal drops.
  • Great for mixed media and altered projects, shaker cards, creating ice crystal effect, adding to glass ornaments, making resin jewellery and more.
  • For best adhesion results, use Little BirdieTexture Tack or silicon glue.

8.MIXED MEDIA STONES – 80 gms – Rs.80

All natural, these tiny stones are awesome for adding a gritty texture to projects. We are sure, mixed media artists are simply going to love it.

Product Features:

  • Enjoy the natural beauty of these stones as it is or create customized texture pastes of your choice and express your unique crafting style.
  • The white and glassy, light-weight stones are great for mixed media projects, as fillers in pots and more.
  • These stones can be tinted, painted or sprayed with various mediums to coordinate with colour themes of craft projects.
  • For coarse textured effect, mix these stones with acrylic paints, gesso or artist’s gel mediums and turn into customized products or use them as it is, on the base of your choice.
  • For superior adhesion results use Little Birdie’s Texture Tack or silicon glue.

9.TEXTURE SAND – 80 gms – Rs.80

If you love adding grainy textures to your mixed media projects, you will surely want this jar of Texture Sand. Apart from that, this fine grain sand is going to be handy for decor projects, sea theme projects, school craft and more.

Product Features: 

  • Enjoy the natural beauty of this pack of white texture sand or create customized texture pastes of your choice and express your unique crafting style.
  • Completely natural, non toxic.
  • Great for adding an ultra-fine grit texture to projects.
  • Ideal for adding subtle dimension to projects.
  • Can be added directly to the base of your choice or mix with acrylic paints, gesso or artist’s gel mediums and apply to surfaces with a texture tool, palette knife, brush or sponge.
  • Can be glued directly to the projects. For best adhesion results Little Birdie’s Texture Tack or silicon glue is recommended.

       10. CHEESE CLOTH – ₹79

Cheese cloth goes a long way for artists and crafters. Mixed media artists who love to add unique textures to their projects will find this pack of cheesecloth really useful. Paint, starch, use it with 2 in 1 Mixed Media Paste or try out innovative ideas!!

Product Features:

  • This cheese cloth is absorbent and re-usable.
  • Use for art and craft, staining, wax, polish and refinishing furniture.
  • Great for mixed media, can be stained and starched to create texture, dimension and various effects.
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11.Cottage Lace Paper Pack – ₹ 100

The lovely designs in this paper pack speak for themselves. These are great for a rustic, vintage touch! The 6 beautiful designs in the Cottage Lace paper pack are great for card making, scrapbooking, paper crafting projects and more.

Product Features:

  • 12×12 inch, 230GSM
  • Printed acid free cardstock
  • 12 sheets, 6 designs
  • Great for vintage theme projects. Use for scrapbooking, cardmaking, general and paper crafting projects and more.
  • Most types of pens, markers and colours work well on these papers.


12.Vintage Reflections Paper Pack – ₹ 100

‘Vintage Reflections’, the name speaks volumes about this Little Birdie paper pack. The 6 awesome designs are just perfect for adding the right mood to vintage projects.

Product Features:

  • 12×12 inch, 230GSM
  • Printed acid free cardstock
  • 12 sheets, 6 designs
  • Great for vintage theme projects. Use for scrapbooking, cardmaking, general and paper crafting projects and more
  • Most types of pens, markers and colours work well on these papers.

Thanks for taking a look at all the new offerings from us. We hope you enjoy working with each of them and share more of your creative ideas with us.

Reading this blog till the end gives you a chance to win an entire set of our new releases. Click here or  to answer questions and you will find all the answers right here!!


Happy crafting always!!

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  1. Wow…
    Awesome products. These were much needed and so very pocket friendly. Now I can shop a lot more.
    Can’t wait to try them out.
    Great going…
    Lots of love…

  2. 1 Can you name all the new releases which can be used to add texture to mixed media projects?
    – Fibre texture paste, grainy texture paste, crystal drops, mixed media stones, texture sand, cheese cloth.

    2. Which product among Little Birdie’s latest releases looks like glassy ice cubes?
    – crystal drops

    3. Little Birdie Acrylic Gel Medium is added to paints to _ and __.
    -extend volume of paints and increase transparency.

    4. The pack of Little Birdie’s 2 Step Crackle Medium includes two bottles. What are they?
    -base coat and top coat.

    5. How many designs are there in Cottage Lace and Vintage Reflections 12×12 Cardstock packs? Also tell us their GSM and the Price.
    – 6 designs in each pack, 230 gsm and Rs.100/- for each pack.

    6. Is Little Birdie’s Texture Sand natural or artificial?
    – Natural.

  3. Omg what a post love love love them all these projects r just fabulous and amzing for texture and so useful to increase beauty of your project I also loved new paper packs and I need them too ❤❤?

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