Little Birdie Watercolour Half Pan Set is Just Wow!

Hello Creative folks,

This is Seema Sinha again.

I am here to share my real time experience using Little Birdie’s Watercolour half pan set.


Yes! This was my first reaction when I picked this beautifully designed professional grade watercolour half pan set.

So sturdy, super elegant, easy to use and what more…Those colourful candies inside…OMG!

Loved the overall packaging and the way those vibrant colours are kept inside in small slots.

Its amazing compact design helps you to take this with you while you travel.

There is also enough space for mixing of colours.

Now about the colours.

This freehand doodle of mine has waited quite a long to get coloured.

Thanks to Rashmi and Harish for Launching these watercolour half pan set.

These colour pigments are really bright and vibrant. Even a small amount on your brush tip gives you the ink kind of effect.

These colour blends beautifully and give you such  a smooth finish. I have seriously never got this kind of beautiful colour effect before.

My hands are wanting to use these watercolours again and again!

Hop on to the website and get this for yourself ….its worth buying you know.


Shop here to buy these :



By seemasinha

Hi, I am Seema Sinha, a professional artist and a passionate crafter. I love to experiment on my work and love to use different types of art-forms in my projects. Watercolour, doodling, decoupage and mixed media are my favourites. Hope you will like my creative efforts here ☺

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