‘Life is Beautiful’ Mixed Media Canvas

Hello everyone, Daksha here!

 I am extremely excited to be here today as a guest DT at Itsy Bitsy’s blog. This is my first post on the blog inspired by the blog challenge theme “Anything goes using Little Birdie Instant Image Transfer Gel”. Hope my post inspires you all and gives you more ideas.

Mixed Media Canvas with Little Birdie Instant Image Transfer Gel

This is what I created…………….

Step by step instructions:

First I took an 8”X10” canvas and an image which I wished to transfer. I got this image printed on a normal paper.

Next, I marked the area lightly with a pencil where I wanted to transfer the image. Then I applied Little Birdie Instant Image Transfer Gel in the required space with an even coat and then placed my image facing down.

[Take care while placing the image, there should not be any air gaps or bubbles.]

Then I let it dry for 5-10 minutes, in between I also used a hair dryer to speed up the process.

After ten minutes, I applied water on the image with a sponge  and slowly started rubbing in a circular motion.

 Over here, I made an error by using a lot of pressure and more water than required and there was a tear in the image so I switched to the other corner of the image with less water and less pressure which gave me a perfect image transfer.

You can see that in the given picture…. ( My dancing girl image is perfect and background area as I want to give some shading effect with colors)

Later, I gave a coat of Decor Varnish on the transferred image. Then, using Little Birdie home decor chalk paints I colored the background and shaded it according to my transferred image.

I also used the brick stencil and archival colour.

I have used Little Birdie Thai clay and given a musical stamp impression on the top left corner.

At the bottom, I have applied Little Birdie 2 in 1 Modeling Paste using a stencil.

Then, I used handmade papers from Itsy Bitsy on all sides to give a torn edge effect. To stick these papers on the canvas I have used Little Birdie Gel Medium.

Little Birdie Handmade flowers were also used here.

I have used modelling paste on the handmade papers and canvas to give various texture effects.

Finally I have colored the entire canvas except the middle portion (covered with the image) with black gesso. After this, a little shading with chalk colors and the brick stenciling was done again.

At the top of the canvas I  have used Little Birdie Prime Chipboard which says “ Life Is Beautiful”

Lastly, I have used gold and copper metallic colors to highlight the texture effects in various places.

A little dry brushing with white chalk color on the flowers and torn edges gave the final touch….

Thank you for stopping by, see you soon with another inspiration post with Little Birdie products ??

Love and hugs


 Detail video tutorial:

Supplies use from Itsy bitsy store:


  1. Wow daksha ji this is such a beautiful piece of art. You have done an amazing work. Thank you for the video tutorial.

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