Itsy Bitsy Blog Challenge #24

Hello Everyone,

Shanta here! I am so happy to be announcing the Blog Challenge #24 for this month!!

With the launch of two wonderful new products from Little Birdie; The Pouring Paints and the Pouring Medium, which are not only wonderful to work with, but currently a rage in the art industry, its very interesting to have ‘Pour Painting’ as the theme for the Blog Challenge this month.

Acrylic pour painting is a therapeutic painting technique that involves pouring a variety of colors of Acrylic paints to create a combination of random patterns and structures that look appealing.

The technique works on the principle of immiscible liquids where the different paints or colors are of different densities and are very viscous and thus don’t mix into each other¬†homogeneously.


To start, you need to take different color paints into different cups and add equal quantity of pouring medium with each of the colors. The pouring medium makes the paint a little viscous than its actual nature and prevents the blending of two  colors.

You can directly pour the paints onto the canvas, pour them into a single cup and then onto the canvas, etc. Basically you can try all possible permutations and combinations and believe me, you will never be able to repeat a design!!

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how you can work with pouring paints:

Here’s the result of my adventure with the Pouring paints! I made two canvases.

I then decided to convert these canvases into silhouette landscapes, using White and Black acrylic paints.

You can use the technique of Pour Painting to make a variety of projects as these paints can be used on any surface- canvas, wood, MDF, glass, plastic, etc.

Canvas Wall Art with the technique of Pour Painting
Clock with the technique of Acrylic Pour Painting

Don’t you just love the way the colors have played into each other?

And if these colors tempt you into trying out a pouring project of your own, Why don’t you hop in and be part of this month’s Blog Challenge? Let’s pour paints and and create wondrous abstract masterpieces.

Sharing a list of materials that I have used for my projects:





Acrylic pouring paints





Pouring Medium






Cups and spatula

Best wishes for the Blog Challenge!!




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