Introduction to Watercolor Pencils

Hello Creatives!!

I am Kasturi your fellow artist. Today’s project is not a DIY but an introduction to a very unique media which I feel is underestimated and once you try it you will definitely want to explore more. These are watercolour pencils. So if you are a beginner at watercolours or if you want to use watercolor pencils but you are not sure how to use them and what to paint with them, this blog is for you.

We will discuss step by step process and different ways in which you can paint with watercolour pencils.

So let’s get started.

First we will create 3 simple and fun bookmarks and then we will create a beautiful post card of the famous Santorini scene.

STEP 1 –

Cut watercolour paper into 3 parts as shown. The size may vary, you can choose according to your convenience.

STEP 2 –

We just have to color the paper starting from the top,. Use the colours as shown.

Simply colour like a child would colour it in  horizontal strokes and change the colours as shown.


STEP 3 –

After colouring we will run a wet brush on the paper. Just dip a brush in plain water and give a rough wash on it. You will see all the colors will start coming together and there is no extra effort for blending them.

STEP 4 – After this with the help of a black pencil we will add all the details required ..

You can add black strokes for detailing too.

These look beautiful, don’t they?

Now let’s do another small painting with it. This one is very interesting and simple too.

Draw like this on a plain watercolour sketch pad.

And again colour it with cobalt blue pencil color. Give it a water wash and see the magical effects.

Now let’s add some flowers and leaves to it. small strokes here and there and again water wash them. And the final painting is ready.

I hope you liked the blog.

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Have a look at what materials I used in this project.

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