Inspired by the Ocean – Decor Projects with Stone Texture Paste

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DT Daksha on the blog today with two projects created to inspire you to play this month’s Blog Challenge. This month you can make anything with Little Birdie Stone Texture Paste. So read along and start planning your project. I really enjoyed working with this Stone Texture Paste. It gives a very pretty grainy and sandy effect.

Earlier I have done similar kind of projects and that time I have used sand but it was quite messy and didn’t give such a nice grainy effect. Using this texture paste is so easy just apply it in required places and it’s done!

Frankly speaking, using the Stone Texture Paste was so much fun that I couldn’t stop myself trying another project. In fact I still have some more ideas in my mind which I am going to try later.

Project #1: Beach theme display photo frame

Step by step instructions for display photo frame:

#1- First I removed the backing paper from the acrylic photo frame and used white paper so that I can have a clear view.

#2- Then I have applied Stone Texture Paste at the bottom portion. When it was still wet, I have stuck shells using gel medium.

#3- I filled the gaps in between with tiny shells, texture stones, mini pellets, pearls and let it dry overnight.

#4-The next day, I was so happy with the sand effect that I thought of adding one more step to my project.

#5- I took Little Birdie resin and hardener and mixed blue and white colors and added a blue ocean and white waves effect. In the rest of the frame, I have used clear mixture so that when I put any picture it is visible through it.

#6- On the blue resin mixture area, I have sprinkled some white sand and glitter and let it dry overnight. All the time I was so excited and waited to see the end result with a photo. I have already decided to use one!

Here is my display photo frame with a photo of my  son on the beach. It goes perfectly with this frame.

Project# 2 : Ocean theme mixed media bottle

step by step instructions for ocean them mixed media bottle:

#1-First I cleaned and dried a glass bottle.

#2-Then gave a coat of heavy gel medium and let it dried properly.

#3- Once it dried properly, I gave it a coat of chalk paint using sponge only( no brush).

#4 – When the paint dried, I gave it a coat of decoupage glue to secure the layer of paint.

#5- Then I took a fish net and cut it in required size and stuck it on the bottle using heavy gel medium.

#6- Next, I applied Little Birdie Stone Texture Paste all around the net area.

#7- Now I wanted to stick shells on net  with gel medium. Since I had to hold each shell in place, I  used air dry clay which I filled inside the hollow base. Then I stuck them with gel medium at the desired places. This way they got stuck instantly.

#8- In between the gaps I have used tiny shells, texture stone, craft mini pellets and pearls.


#9- To give the white wave look, I applied white crackle paste on the top and the bottom part of the bottle.

#10- I gave white highlights on few places and brushed gold paint on the neck of the bottle.

#11- Then I gave a coat of spray varnish to fix all the tiny things.

#12- Finally decorated the top portion of bottle with natural jute strings and metal charms.

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