Home Decor With Image Transfer Technique

Hi there everyone,

Anamika here! Today, I am back with a project which one can keep as a home decor piece or can gift to their loved ones.
I have taken Itsy Bitsy’s MDF plaque as a base. I planned to go  for image transfer and chose this laser print out.
 I applied instant Image transfer gel on the base and pasted the image upside down. I waited for 25 minutes and then slowly removed the paper using my  fingers after dipping them in water and making them wet.
Once I obtained a clear image transfer, I sealed the image with Deco magic glue.
Next, I applied some Stone texture paste through the stencil to give the project more texture.
 I also used some Mixed media paste to add more texture to my project.
Thereafter, I fixed some beautiful Little Birdie handmade flowers  and voila my beautiful home decor piece was ready.
Hope you will give it a try too. Keep crafting and be happy!
Items Used:

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