Happy Festivities- Tealight Holders with Natural Materials

Hello everyone, Vaishali here on the blog today.

Hope all are enjoying the festive season.  It’s the time of the year that’s  filled with  joy and warmth. The homes are adorned with beautiful rangolis, diyas, garlands, lanterns and festive decor pieces. I completely enjoy decorating the house and the happiness doubles when it’s done with handmade decor…I  am sure many of you feel the same !!!

In today’s post  I am sharing some interesting  DIY  ideas  to make tealight holders, using natural materials.  Children can also be involved in making them.  After all, festivals are all about family and friends……So let’s get started and spread brightness around !!!!

I have a step wise picture tutorial of not one, not two, but six different ideas !!!! All using natural materials. Its a picture heavy post, so sit back , relax and enjoy the festivities!!! Do not forget to make one for yourself and add a handmade touch to your decor!

1. Tealight holder with wooden bark – 

Materials– To make this tealight holder, you will need a square, wooden piece around 4 x 4 inch in size (coaster size), chalk paints, stencil, flowers, metal holder and wooden bark pieces.

Wooden bark is an amazing natural product available at Itsy Bitsy. Great for mix media projects and creating rustic, natural looking decor pieces. A packet comes with assorted wood bark sizes. 

Procedure- Colour the square wooden piece with chalk paint of your choice. Do not take a very dark colour as the tree barks are dark. I have used chalk paint Misty Rose – a colour that compliments the flowers to be used. Once the chalk paint dries, next step is to stencil. I have used the stencil ‘Floral’  from the store and stenciled using stencil brush and chalk paint Lemon Chiffon.

Tip-   To avoid the paint seeping through the stencil, make sure the brush is dry and do not dilute the paint.

Once done, work out a composition with wooden bark pieces and a metal holder. Metal holders for tealights are easily available in the market during the festive season. They generally come in golden or silver. You can colour them with chalk paint to match your tealight holder piece. Adhere the wooden barks and the metal holder using silicon glue. Silicon glue from the store is very strong and adheres all kind of materials with ease, instantly.  Decorate with beautiful flowers from Itsy Bitsy’s own  brand Little Birdie.   I have enhanced the look further with glitter and pearl string. Dry brushed with chalk paint Lemon Chiffon to highlight the grains of the wooden bark .

Tip – While arranging the flowers do not leave too many gap. To add glitter, apply decor varnish gloss with a brush. When wet, sprinkle glitter.

Here’s the final look…..Really loved the effect of the wooden barks.

Happy Diwali says….the glow of the tealight ….

2. Tealight holder with  leaf skeletons-

Materials- A circular wooden piece 3.5 to 4 inch diameter (coaster size ), tinted metallic paint, metal holder, flowers and skeleton leaves (cream colour )

Procedure-  Paint the circular wooden piece with tinted metallic paint of your choice. I have used my favorite colour Caribbean Teal, as it compliments the cream skeleton leaves. Once the paint dries, paste the skeleton leaves using decoupage glue gloss. The glue will dry clear.

You can check the arrangement of the leaves in the picture below. These skeleton leaves add so much delicate texture to the project. Now adhere the metal holder at one end and decorate with flowers and self adhesive pearl string around it. I have added some glitter when the varnish was wet. 

You can use a wax tealight or a battery operated one (here the pink one ),  according to your choice. Hope you liked this quick and simple yet elegant idea. Festival times are busy and such ideas can be executed with minimal supplies and ease.  Let’s move on to another such quick, interesting idea and do not forget to involve children in your crafty celebrations.

3. Tealight holder with jute chord- 

Materials- Circular wooden piece around 3.5 to 4 inch in diameter (coaster size), metal holder, natural medium thick jute chord, flowers and beads. Jute chord is  available at the store or you could use a cord from your stash.

Procedure-  Paste the metal holder at the center of the wooden circular piece.  Adhere the jute chord around the circular metal holder with silicon glue as shown in the picture below. Decorate with flowers and beads.

I love the natural  effect of jute chord and the bright red flowers from Little Birdie does wonders!!!

4. Tealight holder with wooden discs- 

Materials-  Circular wooden piece around 3.5 to 4 inch diameter (coaster size), wooden disc around 65 mm diameter (1 piece ), mini wooden discs (2 to 3 nos), decoupage glue, decoupage napkin, gesso, flowers, metal holder.

Procedure-  Here I have use my favorite decoupage technique. First cover the circular wooden piece (around 4 inch diameter) with gesso or white acrylic paint. When the gesso dries, adhere the decoupage napkin of your choice, using decoupage glue gloss. Once dry, seal the napkin with a top coat of decoupage glue. Do check out the new Deco Magic decoupage glue in the store.

Now work out a composition with wooden discs, metal holder and flowers, as seen in the picture below. Adhere the elements with silicon glue. The tealight holder is ready. The wooden discs add a lot of warmth and texture. They are my favorite when making tealight holders. Itsy Bitsy has wooden discs in different sizes for varied uses.

I have added glitter when the varnish was wet. Distressed the edges of the decoupaged circular piece with light blue chalk paint and dry brushed with light yellow chalk paint on the flowers and wooden discs for a finer final touch.

Tip- Composition is very important in any creation.

When it comes to natural materials, burlap can never be missed, so here’s the next one with burlap.

5. Tealight holder with burlap- 

Materials- A square wooden piece around 4 x 4 inch size, burlap sheets with backing – plain cream colour and natural with chevron pattern, metal holder, flowers.

Procedure-  Cover the square wooden piece with plain cream burlap sheet, using silicon glue. The burlap sheet from the store comes with backing, making it stiff – easy to cut and paste.  Now cover the cream burlap sheet with natural burlap sheet (chevron pattern), leaving a 1 cm border on two sides, as seen in the picture below. 

Next, adhere the metal holder in one of the corners with silicon glue and decorate with flowers. I have used burlap flowers along with mini rustic daisies to maintain the texture and effect.

The burlap tealight holder is ready in a jiffy…Children can make them as well !!!

Moving to the final idea, that’s using wicker ball ….

6. Tealight holder with wicker ball- 

Materials-  A square, wooden piece around 3 x 3 inch size, wicker ball in natural colour ( 1.5 inch diameter ), craft brown cylinder, small circular wooden piece around 1.5 inch in diameter,  pearl strings, chalk paint, stencil and the gorgeous flowers from Itsy Bitsy’s own brand Little Birdie.

Procedure – Take the square wooden piece. Stencil over it using chalk paint Lemon Chiffon and stencil ‘Floral’ from the store.  You can take the stencil and chalk paint colour of your choice as well.  I liked the effect created by this stencil from the store. It is perfect for festive creations.  Next, colour the small circular piece with chalk paint Muted Teal. I had first coloured it yellow, but changed it later to teal.

Once the colours dry, adhere wicker ball, the small circular wooden piece and the narrow brown craft roll/tube (cut to size) using silicon glue. Decorate with flowers and pearl string. Add glitter when varnish is wet, dry brush with yellow chalk paint for highlighting. Have adhered a light purple twine from my stash for adding depth.

The wicker ball tealight holder is ready. The shadow of wicker ball creates an amazing pattern in the surroundings.

Hope you liked the tealight holder ideas using the natural materials. They have their own uniqueness and elegance amidst the bright festive decor.

Wishing everyone happiness, peace and prosperity ……Have a great time  !!!!

Create, Express, Enjoy!!!

Vaishali Khandwala

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