Hand painted Lippan themed MDF box

Hi all,

This is Nithiya from the Itsy Bitsy Design Team. Today I will show you how I made a Lippan themed MDF boxes with Little Birdie archival multi-surface paints, mixed media paste and mirrorArchival multi-surface paints save your time as it doesn’t require primer or varnish. One can directly start painting without priming and finish without varnishing.

Step 1:  I took two MDF boxes (rectangular and square) and removed the hinges and latches for a neat finish.

Step 2: I painted them with archival multi-surface paints Lime Tango, Iris Bloom, Ivy Garden, Black Pearl, Apricot Butter and Tangy Tomato as shown in the picture. Multi-surface paints save your time as it can be used directly without primer and gives a rich finish on wood.

Step 3: I drew an elephant and a peacock shadow on the lid of the boxes as shown.

Step 4: I made a piping cone and filled it with modelling paste to draw 3D outlines and designs. The traditional Lippan art uses mud and mirror. I replaced the mud with modelling paste.

Step 5: I started by drawing outlines for the elephant and the peacock.

Step 6: Then I filled them with designs suitable for embossing mirrors as shown in the picture.

Step 7: I used square and circle shaped mirrors and pasted them with silicon glue.

Step 8: I made borders as shown in the picture with mirrors and modelling paste.

Step 9: I made some designs on the outer walls of the box as shown in the picture with modelling paste.


Step 10: I used Fevicryl 3D outliners and drew some designs on the inner surfaces of the box as shown.


Step 11: I fixed the latches and hinges as multi-surface paints didn’t require a coat of varnish. Below are some pictures of the finished project.

See you all with another project soon!


Materials used:

Wooden boxes

Multi-surface paints

Lime Tango

Iris Bloom

Ivy Garden

Black Pearl

Apricot Butter

Tangy Tomato

2 in 1 Gesso

Cut Mirror

Silicon glue

Fevicryl 3D outliner


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