Golden Ganesha Home Decor

Hello Friends! Welcome to my first post for Itsy Bitsy!

Today’s blog post is a very beautiful and

rustic wall decor.

So let’s start!

Decoupage Art- Golden Ganesha!

Materials used- MDF Base from Itsy Bitsy, Deco Transfer sheets, Resin Ganesha embellishment, Little Birdie  Chalk paint, Drift Wood and Charcoal, Tinted metallic paint – Golden Glaze, Decor varnish – Gloss, Silicone Glue. Brushes and sponge for application.


STEP-1 Firstly combine the chalk paint shades Charcoal and Drift Wood to create a dark brown shade. Apply this brown on the MDF base. Let it dry and apply another coat.



The base is ready.



STEP-2 Once the base dries, transfer images from the deco transfer sheets. I have used golden flowers. Cut the flowers as per their size, remove the plastic sheet and stick them to the base. Then apply water with a sponge on the transfer sheets to make them wet. Once they are wet enough , you can easily remove the paper backing from the top to reveal the transferred design.



STEP-3 Next apply the Little Birdie Decor Varnish- Gloss on the base and let it dry.



STEP-4. Then, paint the Ganesha resin embellishment. Apply Little Birdie Charcoal chalk paint on the Ganesha embellishment and let it dry.



STEP-5 Apply Little Birdie Tinted Metallic Paint- Golden Glaze on the Ganesha embellishment to give it a rustic effect.



STEP-6 : Now stick the Golden Ganesha with Silicon Glue to the middle of the base.



I also made a few clay embellishments for the base using air dry clay and silicon moulds from Itsy Bitsy.

STEP-7 Colour your clay embellishments with the Little Birdie Charcoal chalk paint and Tinted Metallic Pint- Golden Glaze to give a rustic effect.



STEP- 8. Paste the resin embellishments on the base as shown with the help of Silicon Glue.




Now your beautiful Wall decor is ready to beautify your home!

Om Ganeshay namah!

Hope you all have enjoyed this blog as much as I have enjoyed making it! See you soon!

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