Glitter Owls With Epoxy Clay and Glitter Fabric Paints

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Hi all, this is Nithiya from the Itsy Bitsy Design Team. Today I will show you how I made a decor piece which I call – Owls of Good Luck and Wealth, with the help of Little Birdie ‘Shape It’ Craft Epoxy Compound and Glitter Fabric Paints.

#1 – First I created an armature of the base and a tree with the help of aluminium foil.

#2 – I used ‘Shape It’ Craft Epoxy Compound and made two owls, a tree base and leaves as shown.

#3 – I painted it black with acrylic – black Gesso and created a foundation for chalk painting.

#4 – I used Little Birdie chalk paints – Terracotta, Butternut Squash, Kiwi Mojito, Blue Spa and Pineapple Lolly and dabbed ,them with a sponge as shown in the figure.

#5 – I used Little Birdie Glitter Fabric Paints – Lime Glint and Cherry Sparkle to paint some random areas (breast, belly, wings, tail feather, tree, leaves) as shown.

#6 – I let it dry completely and applied a very thin coat of Deco Magic Decoupage glue on the eyebrows, breast, base and sprinkled Gold Sparkle Dotties as shown.

#7 – I sealed them with Decor Varnish – Gloss.

Below are few pictures of the completed project.

Hope you like it and create your own decor with ‘Shape It’. Do give it a try. It’s fun to create!


Materials Used:

Aluminium Foil – Silver

Shape It Craft Epoxy Compound

Acrylic Gesso – Black

Chalk Paints


Butternut Squash

Kiwi Mojito

Blue Spa

Pineapple Lolly

Glitter Fabric Paint

Lime Glint

Cherry Sparkle

Deco Magic glue matte

Gold Sparkle Dotties

Deco Varnish Gloss

See you all with a  new project


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