Glitter Art Cushion Covers


Hi everyone, hope you all having a great day. I am really excited to work with the amazing new product : the Little Birdie Glitter Fabric Paints. Oh my gosh! the glittery paints are an absolute delight to work with, such beautiful colours, texture, easy to dry and so easy to work with.

Today I will be designing two beautiful cushion covers, they can be an amazing addition to your craft room or even your reading room, to bring the right amount of bling and colour to brighten any room. 

I have used two 40 x 40 cm plain cotton cushion covers for my project, you can use them on white, light pastel colours, black or even dark brown depending on the project.

Always wash, dry and iron them before you start the process. Cut out a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the size of the cover to insert between the cushion cover to prevent staining the back

1. Succulent fantasy cover.

I love succulents and this beautiful succulent cushion cover can be a beautiful gift for yourself or your friends.

  1. Once the cardboard is inserted, stick the rest of the cushion cover to the back with masking tape, so that the centre part is stretched without any wrinkles. I have used a a picture from the internet,  we can use the newly launched graphite transfer paper to trace the image or draw it freehand.

2. Paint each plant and then proceed to the next, paint the centre of Echivera with fabric paint Pine Sparkle.


3. Then fill in with shades of Lemon Glint, Lime Glint and Pine Sparkle as shown in the image using size 4 flat brush, you can lightly wet the brush in water and paint in places where you need lighter colour. This is the sample of how to do a leaf, on the outer edge of leaf apply lime glint. Always keep a scrap cloth handy to clean the brushes. 

4. Fill rest of blank area with Lime Glint

5. Fill the centre with Pine Sparkle using a slightly wet brush.

5. Outline the border using a size 0 wet brush using Salsa Twinkle to outline the line and smudge the inner corners.

6. Similarly complete rest of the plant.

7. Paint the aloe similarly in shades of Orange Sparkle, Lime Glint, Lemon Glint and Cherry Sparkle.

8. For the other Echeveria, paint the centre with Lime Glint.

9. Fill the gaps in centre with Lemon Glint and the our edges on the leaves with Ssparkle Orange

10. Fill the rest of leaves with Wisteria Shine

11.Paint over the Wisteria Shine with Sparkle Pool and Cherry Sparkle over the Sparkle Orange.

11. Paint the small brown leaves with fabric paint  in burnt sienna using size 0 brush and once dry paint with Rosy Shimmer.

12. Fill rest of the plants in colours of choice.

13. Let it dry for and hour and draw small circles in the background with dimensional paint iridescent Glitter and let it dry overnight

14. Decorate with assorted sequins and rhinestones and stick them using Deco magic fabric glue. 

15. Measure the borders and stick on jute cords with Deco magic fabric and let it dry. You beautiful cushion is ready to use.

2.Ballerina in the garden

Well this is more of a fun cushion cover your daughter or your niece will love this beautiful cushion cover.

For this we need a plain white or cream coloured cotton cushion cover, wash it beforehand and dry it.

We will dye the cloth with chalk paints, yes you heard it right you can dye your clothes with them, it would be better if you use the brighter shades of chalk paints because the original colours will be a lot lighter than you see on the wet cloth, than when its dry. 

  1. For dyeing we need a bowl of clean  water, add 1 tablespoon of chalk paint onto 1 litre of water in a bowl, if you add to much they can bleed while washing and then fade away when you wash them. Here I have used the shades Pineapple Lolly on one end and Kiwi Mojito on the other.

2. Mix the paint with a whisk just before you dip in your cloth,with the front of cushion facing you, insert in water for around 1/3 rd of the cover and wring out the excess water holding  it upright just above the bowl. Use mist spray and spray water along the upper edge of the colour to blend in the color , once the water  is drained off, change the water and  add Kiwi Mojito, mix well and do similarly as for Pineapple Lolly. Leave it to dry on a flat surface  or a cloths line for a day.

3. Once dry iron it to remove wrinkles.

4. Lay it flat on a firm surface like a table.

5. Locate the approximate centre of the cushion  cover  then draw a circle around 6 inch with an MDF circle.

6. I have stamped in a ballerina and a crown using clear stamp Little Ballerina and archival ink in Coffee in the centre of the circle and have added on few free hand drawings of the garden.

7. Stamp flowers and leaves along the circle drawn using clear stamp Shine Bright and used colours from archival inks set 

8. Now let it dry for half an hour then start painting from the centre. For the ballerina’s dress use dimensional fabric paint Iridescent Glitter to give it some structure, use shiny white dimensional paint over the shoes and star wand and one dry paint with Cherry Sparkle.

9. For hair of the ballerina, outline with dimensional white, let it dry overnight fill in Lemon Glint and over the white colour paint, add ginger sparkle and let it dry. Paint the body with fabric colour in flesh tint.

10. Paint the grass with a mixture of Lime Glint, Lemon Glint and Pine Sparkle , outline plants with dimensional paint Christmas Green , and then paint the flowers in shades of your choice. 

11.  Outline the  border of the sun and sky with Iridescent Glitter and use diluted Pool Sparkle for the clouds and Lemon Glint and Ginger Sparkle for the sun.


12. Paint the rest of  flowers  in the colours of your choice, here I have used Cherry Sparkle, Sparkle Orange, Salsa Twinkle and Rosy Shimmer and for leaves Lime Glint, Lemon Glint and Pine Sparkle.  Stick on small pearls at the centre of purple flowers and let it dry.

13. Once dried use Deco magic to stick on few random pom-poms also stick large pompoms  at the four corners, let it dry and the beautiful cushion cover  is ready now.






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Products used

Glitter fabric paints 

Graphite transfer paper

Masking tape



Round brush set


Flat brush set

Archival ink pad

Deco magic fabric 


Chalk paint pineapple lolly 

Chalk paint Kiwi Mojito

Pom pom set

Clear stamp – Shine bright 

Clear stamp-Little ballerina

Archival ink set

Dimensional fabric paint

Assorted sequins

Rhinestones assorted 


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