Gel Candle in Stone Textured Glass

Hello my arty-crafty friends! Meraj here!

I am sure you all must be busy preparing for the Diwali celebrations that brings in with it so much happiness and joy. Gifting each other is one of the many adorable gestures one sees during this festive season. Many a time we all get lost in the confusion of what to gift, especially to the most special people in our lives. I am sure the idea of making something handcrafted does not only bring the smiles on the giver’s face but makes the receiver feel loved and important. Handmade gifts are filled with so much love and thoughtfulness for the person you are making it for.

Nothing can compare to a handmade gift. It’s priceless! Inspired by this Idea of gifting, I incorporated Little Birdie’s Stone Texture Paste into a Gel Candle that can be made so easily using awesome supplies from Itsy Bitsy.

So here we go!

To start making a gel candle, take a glass container of your choice. There are lots of designs and shapes available in IB stores.

I have taken two colors of Stone Texture Pastes. The description is in the material list down the post below.

With a spatula start applying the Stone Texture Paste on the base of the glass. Apply both the colors overlapping each other in some places. Load your spatula generously and apply thick coats of it.

Before the Stone Texture Paste dries up, take some dry ferns, cut them into small parts and quickly insert them into the layers of Stone Texture Pastes. Dry fern is also available in the IB  stores.


Stone Texture Paste dries and becomes very hard and hence it is very sturdy and strong and will hold the ferns firmly.

Then take a wax coated wick, apply glue at its base and adhere it in the center of the glass base as shown in the picture below.

Now pour in some dry sand into it. On the outer side, over the dried texture paste. I adhered some small artificial flowers too to add more beauty and vibrancy to it. The adorable little ladybirds are the cutest things sitting on the base..

Now take some gel wax, melt it in a double boiler, add some gel colours and pour it into the glass containers. To hold the wicks in the centre, give support to it with either toothpicks or skewers until the gel sets. It takes about an hour for the gel to set .

Once the gel wax sets, trim off the extra wick. Your candle is ready to light up your house and bring smile on the faces of those who receive them as gifts.

Hope you liked the tutorial and enjoyed going through it. Do create and share your projects with us in the ongoing Itsy Bitsy Blog Challenge 25.

Below are the detailed close-up pics with different angles.


The list of material is mentioned below :

Thank you so much for stopping by. Wish you all a very very Happy and Prosperous Diwali …

Luv, Meraj 🙂

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