Ganesha Abstract Wall Decor


We see Ganesha in numerous forms each year around the festival. Be it with strokes of lines on paper, skyscraper high statues, or some themed and creatively dressed forms. To each artist, their own!

Manasa Priya here wishing you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi in advance. May all your beginnings be happy, endings be sweet, and obstacles be gone!

With Little Birdie’s recently launched pouring paint range at Itsy Bitsy, I decided to try an abstract art with pouring art so it goes with the many colours of the festivity.

Little Birdie has all new colors in acrylics for pouring which goes excellently with the poring medium. The pouring medium and paint has to be mixed in 1:1 ratio to get the desired consistency.

Take few disposable cups to mix in the paint and pouring medium. Mix the paints well by stirring to get the desired thickness. Make sure the surface where you are working is protected from any spills or paint drips.

Few things to keep in mind, while working with this form of art. Keep the room ventilated . Try to use gloves while working and also keep few extra papers or any other bases to quickly use the remaining paint to avoid waste.

I have taken this laser cut MDF in the shape of Ganesha and primed my surface with Little Birdie’s white gesso. The key to a good pour is the choice of colors. Always try to take complimentary colors.

Here I have used the free pour technique, taking all colors poured in a single cup one after the other and then poured it on to the surface to create random patterns.

Once you are satisfied with the pour, allow it to cure for at least 24 hours leaving it undisturbed. So all the layers of the paint are evenly dry and there wouldn’t be any stickiness.

Then I finally embellished here and there with some jewellery findings which I picked up from the store.

I hope you likes what I created for this festival. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time.. ❤

Here are the list of all the products used above

Acrylic Pouring Medium

Acrylic Pour Paints – Cherry Tomato, Ice Blue, Pineapple, Plum Orchid, Pearl White

White Gesso

By Manasa Priya

Hello Craft enthusiasts, I am Manasa Priya, a self taught artist hailing from the City of Destiny, Visakhapatnam. I did my Masters in International Business Management and Psychology and worked as a Banker before being a SAHM and a professional Crafter. I am so passionate about Upcycling and DIY's. My art and craft is appreciated for its Clean and simple work. I love using Pastels and a lot of florals in the things I create. With this grand platform at Itsy Bitsy, I would like to share my love for paper craft, decoupage, mixed media. Constantly learning and upgrading myself to the latest trends in craft is my biggest hobby and that lead me to explore new avenues like miniatures, Stained glass, Sculpture Painting etc. I Hope you would enjoy reading through my Craft experiments and experiences. Happy Crafting!

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