Fluid Art Alphabet

Hello My Creative Buddies!

I am pretty sure all of us are busy with our studies preparing for our exams, starting a new college semester . How about a little decorative piece for our study table? Yes, You heard me right. Today I will tell you how to paint an alphabet which can be easily placed on a study table and decorates the corner perfectly.

I arranged my letter from a local wooden shop and asked them to cut it according to my preferences. You can also use Itsy Bitsy’s paper mache letters as it is of a perfect size.

So let’s get started

Step 1 

Choose your colours

I decided to go with pastels since they are very trending.

I used :

  1. velvet orchid
  2. pink tango
  3. pearl white

Step 2 

Add pouring medium to the colours in the ratio 2:1 (paint:pouring medium)

Step 3 

Place the letter over a cup to avoid spoiling the surface below .

Step 4 

Pour all the colours in a single cup

Step 5 

Pour the paint on the letter and start spreading it in all the directions

Step 6

Make sure you finish it’s edges and the backside using any paint with a flat brush .



Do wear your gloves and apron while doing it.

Materials used


Little Birdie Acrylic Pouring Paint set – 6pcs, 60ml Each, Vibrant

White paint

Little Birdie Acrylic Pouring Paint, 60ml – Pearl White


Little Birdie Paper Mache Alphabet S – 5x 7.7x 1.14 inch

Pouring Medium:

Little Birdie Paint Pouring Medium- 240 ml




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