Festive Jewellery Set with Multi-surface Paints

Hi everyone, DT Serene  here. Hope you all are doing well. Welcome to today’s blog post. I am very excited to share with you a beautiful jewellery set painted with the lovely Little Birdie archival multi-surface paints,  just in time for the festive season. 

Archival multi-surface paints

  • Premium water based, acid free, non-toxic, multi-surface paints.
  • Satin finish with great coverage.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Can be used on various surfaces including paper, clay, glass, metal, plastic, terracotta, ceramic etc.
  • Self sealing, requires no primer or varnish

I really enjoyed this project. The base used here for the pendant and earrings are wooden discs.

Here are a few images of the finished project.




These are the materials required for this project.

  1. Take the  wooden disc and wipe it clean. Apply 2 coats of decor varnish – matte to protect the wood.

2. Draw the image of the desired design onto the wood slice using a permanent micro fine marker.

3. Take equal amount of Little Birdie ‘Shape It’ epoxy compound  hardener and  resin, use a bit of talcum powder on your hands to avoid it sticking to your hands and knead it well. Shape it into peacock head and body shapes and position it on to the wood slice. Trim out any excess with a pen knife and smoothen the edges.

4. Similarly, fill in the wings with clay.

5. Fill the tail, the leaves and fruits with epoxy compound.

6. Use clay modelling tools to make indentations and to carve the fine details. Let the clay dry for a few hours.



7. Once the clay is dry, paint a diluted coat  of multi-surface paint Daisy Petal. Let it dry completely.

8. Paint the pendant using Little Birdie multi-surface paints of your choice. Here I have applied a thin layer of colour as it is the base coat. For the peacock  I used Icy Aqua, for the leaves I chose Lime Punch, for the fruits Tangy Tomato. For the branches I used a mix of Tangy Tomato  and Ivy Garden to make a shade of brown. For the beak, I applied Apricot Butter lined with brown. For the background with Apricot Butter, I blended Dandelion.  After applying the paints, let it dry.

9. To colour the body and to give it a shaded effect, I applied a thin layer of Blueberry. For the wings I have used a mix of Ivy Garden and Blueberry,. For the beautiful tail, I have used Blueberry and created a created shades of green and purple by mixing Icy Auqa with Raspberry. When you finish painting, let it dry completely.

10. Dye the braided woven cord (cut about 90cm)with a mix of Ivy Garden and Icy Aqua in a small bowl mixed with water. Immerse till the cord takes up the shade and let it dry for a day. You can also use a plain black cotton cord.

11. Paint about 6 to 8 wooden balls in colours of your choice. I have used shades of green, Blueberry, Icy Aqua and a  mix of Icy Aqua with Ivy Garden. Apply two coats giving gap between each coat making sure the paint is dry.

12.I have made similar simple stud earrings on small wooden discs after coating it with decor varnish – matte using Shape It epoxy compound and stuck ear posts using silicon glue.

13. Stick  a frame hook hanger on the back of the pendant using silicon glue and let it dry completely. Once dry, use the woven cord and make a knot as shown at the centre of the cord.

14. Use few drops of craft glue at the end of the cords. Once dry it is easy to thread the beads. I have knotted the beads at equal distance and made a necklace which can be pulled over the head. I have tied the end of the necklace together at the end and secured the knot the with a wooden bead. Seal the ends with a bit of craft glue. I have painted the hanger with icy blue.

15. You can seal the pendant and the beads with a coat of decor varnish – gloss if you wish. Multi-surface paints are self sealing and I have left them without the varnish.

Now the beautiful necklace and earrings set is ready for use. Get inspired and do try out your own versions.


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Products used

Multi-surface paints


Round brush – size 2

Round brush – size 6

Decor varnish – matte

Wooden discs 

Small wooden discs

Shape it epoxy compound

Clay modelling tools

Frame Hook hanger

Braided woven cord


craft glue

Ear post


Silicon glue

Microfine marker

Pen knife

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