Festive Home Decor with Archival Multi-Surface Paints

Hello dear friends, DT member Hema Bhat here today with an inspirational project for the blog challenge#31 – Anything goes with Little Birdie multi-surface paints.

The newly released archival multi-surface paints are

  • Premium water based, acid free, non-toxic
  • Satin finish with great coverage
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Can be used on various surfaces including paper, clay, glass, metal, plastic, terracotta, ceramic etc.
  • Self sealing, requires no primer or varnish

Its Diwali time and I wanted to do a bright and a very easy project using the amazing archival multi-surface paints.

I thought of using them on my precious old collection of Terracotta pots and an Urli. I kept the designs simple and used vibrant colors to give them a beautiful look.

Here’s the step by step tutorial:

I started by sanding and cleaning the terracotta pot and Urli as they have been exposed to a lot of dust and weather conditions for more than a decade.

As they had been painted before, I had give them a coat or two of white gesso before using the multi-surface paints.

Next step was to draw designs lightly with the help of a pencil. I choose to do a floral pattern and drew them.

I started with the Urli and choose to adorn it with some bright colours. The best part was that it was extremely easy to apply and dried real quick. If you make a mistake while painting like I did, you can cover it with a coat of the base color and redo the design.

I didn’t like this design so I made few changes and started to paint using synthetic brushes- Round and Flat .

I used the Little Birdie archival multi-surface paints- Sea Wave, Lime Punch, Snow Dove, Apricot Butter and Tangy Tomato.

On the outer side of the Urli I used the colors Lime Punch  on top and  Apricot ButterTangy Tomato at the bottom.

Finally I highlighted the designs on the rim of the Urli and its handles with Metallic wax Rich Gold.

I drew similar designs on the pot using a pencil and started to paint it with similar shades as I used in the Urli.

I thought of giving some embossed textures using mixed media paste and a stencil. I mixed a drop of Tangy Tomato to the mixed media paste and mixed this with the help of a palette knife. The surface isn’t flat and even and the mixture was a tad smooth because of the paint so I didn’t get a good result when I first tried the stenciling. I redid it by dabbing some white paint to hide the error. This time I left the mixture of the paint and mixed media paste harden a bit for about 2 – 3 minutes and then used it to get a crisp stenciling. I was so happy with the result.


I used the leftover paste on a clay leaf that I had made earlier.

I  rubbed Metallic wax Rich Gold on the edges.

Finally I gave 3 coats of Little Birdie Decor Varnish with enough drying time between the coats on both the projects. Now, they are ready to face another decade of wear and tear. However you can skip this part as multi-surface paints do not actually require varnish. So varnish is completely optional.

More pictures:



Thanks for stopping by. Hope you liked my project. Do try these amazing paints as they work great on all surfaces.

Have a safe and green Diwali! Happy crafting! Lots of Love!!

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List of supplies used:

Archival Multi-Surface Paint 60ml- Tangy Tomato

Archival Multi-Surface Paint 60ml- Apricot Butter

Archival Multi-Surface Paint 60ml- Lime Punch

Archival Multi-Surface Paint 60ml- Sea Wave

Archival Multi-Surface Paint 60ml- Snow Dove

Mixed Media Paste 2 In 1 -White 400gm

Mont Marte Palette Knife

Acrylic Gesso-White

Synthetic Hair Flat Brush Set – 4pcs

Synthetic Hair Round Brush Set – 4pc

Metallic Wax – Rich Gold

Decor Varnish – Gloss, 100 ml

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