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Hi there friends,

It’s Pooja here once again! Welcome to you all at the Itsy Bitsy blog. I am here today with my new mixed media project. I love to draw inspiration for my craft projects from nature and I really enjoy doing it a lot…so this time, I thought I would bring you a mixed media on those lines. I hope you find it interesting and inspirational and get motivated to do something of your own.

Here is a picture of my completed project

This is how I did it.

  1. I have used a canvas as a base and  I have pasted a piece of cardboard to increase the width towards the lower end so that it gets a broader base to stand. After that I pasted some rags (any waste fabric pieces) on the canvas base as shown in picture

2. I have used white ceramic puffy paint for creating the lines over these fabric stripes.

3. When it was completely dry, I sprayed the base with difference shades of Color Splash. The shades I used were Lime, Ocean Mist, Mocha and  Charcoal. Direct link of these colours  are given below so that you can check them out. I love these colours because they are so vibrant and beautiful!!

4. I built up the colours again  and  again until I was satisfied with the results.

5. To make  the cave, I used a mini canvas as base. I cut a piece of paper to make the depth of the cave and used some papers to make rocks.  I simply rolled the paper to give it the shape of rocks.

6. I painted the cave with Mocha, Charcoal and Llime Colour Splash.

7. Now it’s time for assembling all things and get it into shape… I have used some stones  and sand to give my project a natural look.

8. I pasted a pieces of fabric to make a natural looking river. For that I pasted a piece of hard paper underneath the fabric to make it stiff and puffed….all that adds to the dimension/ 3D look and help you get more realistic effects!

9. I used Lime color splash to color some cheese cloth because I wanted to use them as grass and moss. Added some flowers, chipboard shapes and animal cutouts here and there as a final touch.

So here are some more close up pictures……….

I hope to have inspired you and will be very happy if you try out something like this. Keep watching this space because its a great way to learn and enjoy crafting!!

Thank you so much… don’t forget to come back for my next post

Supplies used:





    1. Omg thank you so much for ur appreciation n kind words so happy to get some lovely response from you telanted peoples

  1. Pooja, the scene you have created is indeed magical and you have done it so creatively with simple supplies !! love the background and the texture with ceramic cone is a great idea !!

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