DIY Watercolor Welcome Board

Hello Creatives!!

I am Kasturi, your fellow artist. Wish you all a very Happy New Year!

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful season with your family and loved ones.

I am sure you all want to welcome the year 2021 with full of enthusiasm and positivity.

So, why not create something with watercolors! I made this beautiful board just to welcome 2021 with lots of colors and creativity. I know what I want in 2021, lots of love, joy, laughter and belief that 2021 is going to be an awesome year.

Let’s begin! We are creating a fun and vibrant Welcome board today with watercolors. Its super easy and you can make it and hang it on the door or any wall. This art piece will quickly add life to any wall. Have a look…

I am using a watercolor sheet which is 12×12 inches and perfect for our base board.

Step 1– Paint the whole sheet with maximum black and little bit of violet and raw umber color. Make sure you are painting vertical strokes only, and use flat brush to get the result.

STEP 2– After this add some details and with white color and pointed brush. I am not writing anything just pretend. And add some brick effect with a flat brush and dark brown color. And that’s it. Our background is ready.

STEP 3-  Now let’s see how we can decorate this and add beauty to it by adding various elements and handmade flowers.

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This is how we will be painting with random colors from Little Birdie watercolor half pan set.

Look at these beautiful daisies, this is a high quality paper and it can totally add dimension to our board. I didn’t colour them deliberately but you can colour them and add to scrapbooks, greeting cards, frames etc.

STEP 4- Now is the most interesting step. We are going to arrange everything in an arty-crafty way on our board and ta da… its ready.

I have added a jute twine just to create a mechanism to hang it from both the corners.

Isn’t it looking fresh and cheerful already?

Happy New Year to everyone, hope this new year will bring joy, love, laughter and belief in your lives.

Keep creating !!

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