DIY Table Makeover with Color Splash

Hello Creatives !

Kasturi here with another interesting project. This time the star product is Little Birdie ‘Color Splash’. If you have gone through my previous blogs by now you know that how much I like to transform old objects into completely  new and fresh ones.

Today we will be doing some very interesting transformation which is simple and fun to do.  I had this small wooden table in my home for months and I wanted to give it a new look. After much thinking, Color Splash came to the rescue.

This blog will give you a clear understanding of this wonderful Little Birdie product called Color Splash and how to use it creatively.

Let’s start the step by step process.

The first job in hand was to clean the table thoroughly. Next, I applied a layer of chalk acrylic paint with the help of  a sponge covering the entire surface including legs.

It  looked like this. I let it dry. Added some blue paint with the help of a sponge on some areas to add a shading effect.



After the paint was completely dry, I took my favorite stencil. I selected a leaf pattern stencil (link is added below). I used Little Birdie mixed media paste,  and will recommend the same for the stencil work. It is absolutely smooth and extremely easy to work with. Added texture on the table with the help of  a knife . I placed some tape to get a stencilled pattern I desired. Then lifted the stencil and you can see a beautiful 3D pattern is ready to adorn the table.

It should look like this.

Let it dry completely.

Now let’s begin the most exciting step.

These colours are nothing but real treasures in a crafter’s stash!

Spray these colours directly from the bottle. Just play with them, you can actually never go wrong with these beauties.


After the colours were dry I removed the tape.

Now, this is the final step. let’s add the mixed media paste again on the remaining patch with a knife, carefully remove the stencil and done! Our cute simple table is ready to reuse.


Please find links of all the products below. I strongly recommend you to try out Color Splash because of their versatility. You can use them on paper, canvas, wood and so many other surfaces. Spray directly or mix with water for lighter tones. Remember to join the ongoing Color Splash challenge by sharing your creations made with this unique and versatile product.

Happy Shopping with and don’t forget to use KASTURI5  for some extra discount on your final purchase.

Do try this DIY on any object you like which is sitting at your home but you are not sure what to do about it, for example wooden tray, stool, wall clocks, lamp, or even wardrobe door… the options are limitless.  Just try this. You definitely won’t regret it.







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