DIY Stencil Wall Art with Itsy Bitsy supplies

Have you ever felt like breathing some new life into a random portion, small corner or to an entire wall at home? Think no more because creating DIY walls just got easier!

Sounds crazy and not so doable? No. Will it be satisfying and surreal? Yes.

Paint up aesthetic cum trendy mandalas and doilies with Little Birdie’s newly launched Home Décor Stencils. The most fun part about working with these stencils is they can be painted however, wherever and whenever you choose.

Little Birdie stencils measure 14in x 14in (35.56cm x 35.56cm). The stencil design is fit to 12in x 12in. You can create designs randomly or in a defined pattern for a customized look.

You can check out all our designs here –

Let’s go over a step by step process of all over wall stenciling!

1. Gather all essentials –

  • Stencil
  • Paints (you can use chalk paints or matte interior wall paints)
  • Sponge roller – big and small
  • Stencil brush
  • Paper towels
  • Masking tape
  • Tools – pencil, scale, scissors

2. Prep the wall – You want to make sure that your wall is cleaned (free from dust and stains). Once it is clean, paint two coats of white with chalk paint.

3. Paint the base colour on the wall – We decided to go with a multi-pastel coloured wall and with a symmetric pattern. Using masking tape, define boxes of 14in x 14in.

Once the painting area was marked, we painted the boxes with a sponge roller in pastel shades of aqua blue, sea green and teal. Depending on the paint you have used, let the wall dry. We used Little Birdie Chalk Paints which dries quick and clear.

Tip: For beginners, it is advisable to pour the paint in a tray. Roll the sponge brush to get paint onto it and then do a roll on a paper towel just to make sure there is very little paint.

4. Tape the stencil to the wall To avoid anything messy, fix the stencil with a masking tape on the desired area to be painted.

5. Begin Stenciling – Start painting through the stencil. Use can a sponge roller or a stencil brush if you are comfortable with that. You might have to refill the roller 2-3 times to complete the one whole design.

Alternative to chalk paints, you can also use Little Birdie’s Modelling paste, Sparkle Paste or Metallic Paints.

Tip: Clean up immediately with water after each use to keep the stencil in good shape. Keep away from heat.

6. Reposition the stencil as desired and continue painting – You can easily peel off the masking tape and reposition stencil to cover different areas. Repeat the dipping and rolling of sponge brush over the paint and complete your design.

Tip: The drying time of the design depends on the thickness of the layer of paint. If you wish to achieve a slightly raised/ 3D look, the layer of paint can be thick.

7. Take off remaining masking tape for a finished look – Once the entire design is painted, take off the masking tape that defined the boxes. Add finishing touches with mini sponge roller or a thin stencil brush.

Your DIY wall with gorgeous patterns is ready. Now you have an amazing place to click portraits, selfies, do product photo shoots or just look at it and be proud yourself on doing such an amazing job.

This is just one of the few million ideas that could be used for home decor. You can stencil glass, wood, MDF, cardboard, fabric (pillows, bed sheets) and endless other options. Keep exploring and keep creating. We would love to see your creations.

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