DIY Magnetic Board And Simple Fridge Magnets

Hello Creatives,

Kasturi here! I’m back with another super interesting, simple, and fun project this time with magnets.

It’s a magnetic board which you can stick on the refrigerator. Then you can use small cute magnets to keep your reminders, notes, grocery list, shopping list and pretty much  everything handy!

I had this DIY on my mind for months but I was not sure how it would turn out. At the same time, I was pretty sure that I wanted to try this, and it turned out pretty awesome. Really excited to share the step by step here… please give it a try. It is very simple to make with minimal materials.

So, let’s start.

This is a magnetic sheet.

Apply a coat of Deco Magic glue on the rough side of the sheet with the help of a flat brush.

Select the decoupage paper of your choice. Stick it slowly and carefully to the sheet. Make sure there are no bubbles.

Once it is dried. Apply a layer of Deco Magic glue again on the paper. Let it sit for some time and once it is completely dry, add some colourful patterns to it to make it more attractive.


Just like that our board is ready, now let’s make cute magnets.

For that, draw some floral elements on watercolor paper with gouache paints. These are basic floral shapes, anyone can do it.

Add details with white paint.

Cut out all the elements and spray artist fixative to secure and protect all the colours for a longer period of time.

Now, on the rear side of the paintings put a small drop of silicon glue and stick a magnet on it. Let the glue dry for maximum 10 minutes and yes these magnets are ready.



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Happy Crafting,

Until next time.


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