DIY Kitchen Decor Canvas with Instant Image Transfer

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Before moving on, let me Thank Rashmi and Harish for having me over as their DT member once again. Thank you Anitha and Team IB for your constant support and help.

As you all know, the theme for this month’s blog challenge is Image Transfer with Little Birdie’s Instant Image Transfer Gel. I am sure you all have already seen many beautiful inspirations by my talented team-mates and many of you have already used this excellent product yourself.  But today, I have something different to share with you all using the Instant Image Transfer Gel.

Here are three Kitchen decor – Canvases (6″x6″) I am showcasing today.

Did anyone guess what images are these? Can anyone identify the images?

All these images are from the new stamp sets by Itsy Bitsy’s home brand Little Birdie.  Isn’t that fun? Stay tuned till the end where I will share some tips and tricks for using stamped designs for image transfer.

I have used three mini stamp sets from the new stamp collection for creating the images for transfer.  As I was making the canvases for kitchen decor, I have chosen Soy Amazing, Tea-rific and Make Lemonade stamp sets. (all linked below).

Basic TechniqueStamping the images on a watercolor paper creating a pattern of choice, colouring them with watercolours, scanning the images with high quality resolution, reversing them and getting laser prints of desired sizes.


I have used the Soy Amazing stamp set for this canvas.

Tip – You can directly get colour xerox prints of your design, but you cannot control the size there. Also, you cannot mirror the images, which is necessary if you have text in your design. I scanned the image, cropped it into a square. In MS word, I  inserted, mirrored and adjusted the image to the actual size required and got laser prints for it. You can even stamp them on a square paper so you don’t need to crop.

Next step was to transfer the paper to the canvas board.  I generously applied the Instant Image Transfer Gel both to my canvas and my image.

Tip – It is not necessary to apply the gel to the image, but as Canvas is porous, I decided to apply gel to my image also for a better transfer. 

Once the gel is applied, put the paper over the canvas and gently press it to remove any bubbles and smoothen it out. I let it dry for some time.

Then I brushed a  lot of water over the entire canvas and started rubbing over the image to remove all the layers of paper.

When you are doing it, let the canvas dry completely in between. When it is completely dry, you get to see where all the paper needs rubbing (See image below). Using wet fingers rub only that part.

Tip – Do not rub without water or with a dry finger, that may peel the image from the base.   

Apply a generous amount of Deco Magic to seal the image, once all the paper residue is removed.

Here is the final image once it is completely dry.


I followed all the steps mentioned above again for this canvas.  Here, I stamped and coloured only the image as I wanted to use a quote to go along with my image. I have used the Tea-rific stamp set here.

I scanned the coloured image and in MS word, I inserted the image and the free printable text from Google. Mirrored it all and printed it.

Once the entire paper was removed, the canvas was coated with Deco Magic. I made a watercolour border at the top and bottom of the canvas as the image was a little smaller and not covering the entire canvas. Lastly, added a lace along the two borders to create some dimension and interest.

Final image!


This is the third canvas I made using the Make Lemonade stamp set.

Again followed all the same steps to make this canvas.

(You can see that the card image along with my canvas here has a blue watercoloured background. I was not happy with the scanned/printed image of this. Luckily, I had also scanned it before watercolouring the background. So I used the image without the blue background).

Remember while using stamps for creating these images –

  • You can create multiple projects at the same time.
  • You can increase and/or decrease the size of the image to suit your project.  I have increased the size for all the canvases here.  I have also decreased the print size for making some coasters which I may share soon.
  • You can keep the scanned images for later use.
  • Do not stretch the image too much as it may appear distorted.
  • For bigger projects, user bigger stamps.
  • You create your own designed papers for Decoupage/image transfer as per the theme you want.
  • Being a CAS(Clean and simple) lover, I have kept the backgrounds white. You can stencil/mask and create more complex designs and use in the same way.

That’s all from my side today.

Hope you like this tutorial. Do leave your lovely comments in the section below. I love to read them.

Did you try making something like this? Remember to tag us.

Cheers, Anila.

Links to the supplies used –

Instant image transfer gel
Deco magic
Soy amazing stamp set
Tea-rific stamp set
Make lemonade stamp set












  1. Awesome ideas… Very well explained. Thanks for sharing. Just a small doubt, can’t we use the new image transfer gel with ink jet print outs ?

    1. Thank you Ranjitha for liking it so much. We can use only laser prints for this technique. The chemical in the solution reacts with other colours.

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