DIY Jewellery with air hardening clay at Itsy Bitsy, India

We understand that making jewellery with polymer clay can get stressful. Finding the right oven to achieving the correct temperature to bake at, can be just one of the few problems. And that’s why, we have the perfect solution to your worry – air hardening clay.

Mont Marte’s Air Hardening Modelling clay is ideal for professional modellers, artists and amateur students for both, simple and advanced DIY clay projects.

  • This heavy bodied clay is pliable after kneading, and because it is slow drying you can take your time forming it into your desired design.
  • The clay is suited to free form sculpting and can be sanded, drilled, painted or varnished once dry.
  • Allows making highly detailed pieces.
  • Fine smooth texture is easy to mould that allows any decorative object to be created.

At Itsy Bitsy, you will find Mont Marte Air Hardening Clay in two varieties – Terracotta and White in packs of 500gm and 2kg each. You can check them out here –

We’re sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy making jewellery just like we did with this wonderful product. Here are a few ideas that you can try out:

  • Boho Chic Necklace – You can pair this jewellery piece with your favourite tees or flaunt them with dresses or any other casual look! We made random shaped beads in different sizes with Mont Marte Modelling Clay – White. While the clay is soft and can be re-moulded easily, you can add little amount of water to if you think it is drying too fast.

Allow the beads to dry for 24 hours. Using Little Birdie Chalk Paints, add life to your fashion accessory. String the beads together and complete your necklace using essential jewellery findings.

  • Classic Traditional Jewellery Set – Add a touch of ethnic glamour with this intricately embellished jewellery set. We made the centre piece, the beads and the earrings separately with Mont Marte Modelling Clay – Terracotta.

What’s most appealing about this is the Rich Gold base, painted with Little Birdie Metallic Paint. Using Mont Marte Clay Tool and Modelling Set, add finer details and intricate designs to jazz up the entire look.

These are just one of the few endless ideas that are listed here. Keep exploring and keep creating. We would love to see your DIY jewellery pieces.

Post your creations on Facebook and Instagram with the #madewithitsybitsy and tag us! Stay tuned for more.

Love and glitter,

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